Davos Dumbassess Buried in Snow at Global Warming Conference

They say we live in the hey day of blogging, well it’s true, the elite are so dumb as to defy belief.  This week at Davos Switzerland they met to discuss Global Warming but the conference was stalled because they couldn’t even get there because of the heavy snow!  You can not make this shit up!  How dumb are these elite?  They make plans based on unproven theories of runaway Global Warming yet the real threat is a new Ice Age.

What you have to know is that people in power are really, really dumb and they are being fed very, very wrong information by the experts.  Global Warming is a prime example how the information they believe does not match reality.  Power makes for dumb leaders, everything about “power” is the opposite of “truth”.  In order to get political power the elite lie to us, do false flags, throw billions of dollars into the sewer for Global Warming research so scientific hacks come up with the data to prove the theory.


1. Someone who attempts to be a smartass but is too dumb to actually succeed.

2. Someone who holds a stupid, illegitimate or completely baseless opinion with a perplexing amount of self-righteousness.

Just so you know, Switzerland didn’t exist in the last Ice Age – it was a huge glacier.  At lower elevations was dry cold non arable land – you couldn’t grow any food.  So the concerns of the elite at Davos is completely misplaced, the real problem for India and Mr. Modi will be the billions of people fleeing into his country as the Ice Age advances forcing everyone up north to go south.

I am sure that most people won’t be around by the time the Ice Age becomes firmly established because this planet is run by morons, lunatics, psychopaths, and warmongers.  I fully expect at least a 80-99% population reduction by what means necessary to cull the population.  The rise of the robots will be coincidental to the decline of humans.  The fact is the organic human are rapidly becoming no longer necessary for the owners.


They Said Snow Would be a Thing of the Past 17 Years Ago

CO2 going up but it is getting colder and snowier.  Not getting warmer like they said.  Record snow in Erie and Buffalo, plus Niagra Falls frozen over earlier this year.  Deep freeze for the south.  But CO2 going up.  What the hell is going on?  

Wait a minute, I thought we were in runaway global warming due to increased CO2 in the atmosphere, how can Florida be plunging into a deep freeze?  Al Gore told me there wouldn’t be no more snow, and I believed him ’cause AL Gore cares about me and the earth.  Did the media lie to me?  Why are the orange trees all going to freeze tonight, I thought we would be moving to Canada to grow oranges by 2020!

Reality is not matching the propaganda, the planet is not doing what they said, but they sold us this idea of a carbon footprint which should be of no concern at all.  Carbon taxes are criminal, carbon dioxide is not a threat, and the tax is unjust.

The citrus farmers of Florida should send Al Gore the bill for the freeze damage.  Al Gore is totally full of shit, everything he predicted was completely wrong.  Why don’t we throw his sorry ass in jail for lying to us, Al Gore is a pathetic ass clown and errand boy for the elite who are pushing global tax base by demonizing CO2.



The computer models are completely wrong, something like 2 billion dollars wasted on modeling the weather (as if anyone can predict the weather!) based on wrong assumptions like CO2 forcing temperature.  What a laugh, what a waste of money, what an epic fail of fails.



Co2 isn’t driving temperature yet they keep trying ’cause that’s where the money is!  CO2 is going up and up and temperatures are going down and down.  Obviously the CO2 forcing temperature is completely wrong theory.

It’s so cold, sharks are washing up on beaches

In Massachusetts, the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy found three thresher sharks washed up in Cape Cod, “stranded due to cold shock,” which can cause cardiac arrest in animals.

The conservancy collected tissue samples from the sharks that will be examined “once they thaw.”

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) — It’s so cold in Florida that iguanas are falling from their perches in suburban trees. Temperatures dipped below 40 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius) early Thursday in parts of South Florida, according to the National Weather Service in Miami.





click on image so you can see the whites in the their eyes (and skin ’cause they sure as hell ain’t Semites!)

Ten’s of Millions of Years of Ice Age Still to Go!

Here’s reality folks, we are in an Ice Age that is probably going to continue for tens of millions of years.  Whatever made the earth cool for the last 65 million years is still with us.  We have data for how long these cold periods can last, millions of years.  The current Ice Age is about 2.5 million years old and there is no reason to expect it is ending anytime soon.

Humans will come and go as a specie before earth warms again like it was at the time of the dinosaurs.  Take a look at earth temperature history chart.  The current cold spell took 50 million years, so it ain’t going to magically disappear any time soon.  It takes long periods of time, like millions of years for the earth to change temperature.

Do not believe that the current cold period is just going to magically disappear anytime soon, we are locked into an Ice Age and the sun is going into a minimal period.   This means we should see new lows in the slowly cooling end of the Holocene period.

The last Ice Age, back in the Carboniferous Age, lasted 40-50 million years.  That could mean the current Ice Age, which started about 2.6 million years ago just started.  Yes Virginia, the powers that be are lying to us.  We are still in an Ice Age and the oligarch errand boy Al Gore is full of shit.  Most people underestimate the aggressive the political predators – they lie to us to get political power.  Al Gore is simply the paid stooge of the elite to sell their agenda of total global dominance.  Global Warming is not real, it is a political scam.

Since we are now completed the modern warm period, the current fantasy of a never ending interglacial possessed the Global Warming community.  This is not rational, it was the linear projection of the current trend.  Trends reverse throwing the warming community into disarray, they had to change the propaganda meme to ‘Climate Change’ because their projections failed to match up to reality.

What should we expect?  Runaway warming?  Not a chance.  CO2 does NOT drive temperature.  We should expect a continuation of the Ice Age Cycle.  We should expect the cooling cycle to continue, and new Little Ice Ages over the next 1,000 years.  In ten thousand years we could be back into a new Ice Age with growing polar glaciers that eventually cover Canada.

The Potential for a Severe Cooling

Consider that Global Warming is a gigantic and dangerous hoax, and that the real threat is a severe cooling.  We are still in an Ice Age, which could easily last tens of millions of years.  Water vapor is 96% and co2 is only 3.62%  and of that HUMANS ONLY ADD ABOUT 1% WHICH IS SO LOW AS TO BE NOT MEASURABLE.  The idea that man made (anthropocentric) CO2 is going to warm the planet is a bald face lie.

The premise that CO2 as a major greenhouse gas is false, it is not, and no matter what the paid whores tell you, CO2 is never going to warm the atmosphere or stop the Ice Age cycle.  In other words, whatever makes the earth go into another freezing spell is not going to be stopped by man’s activities.







So don’t believe Al Gore because he is a PAID WHORE OF ROTHSCHILD, he is working for a cabal of criminals who are promoting Global Climate Change as another banking scam to control humans with a world wide carbon tax.  Look at how they changed the meme to global climate change when their falsely promoted warming hoax didn’t pan out.  The fact that they changed their primary propaganda meme from GLOBAL WARMING to CLIMATE CHANGE means they are desperate to sell their agenda.

Record Low in Minnesota While Buffalo Gets 5 Feet of Snow

International Falls, Minnesota drops to record low -36F

International Falls, Minnesota woke up to a temperature of -36F at 6 a.m. Wednesday morning breaking the previous record low for Dec. 27 of -32F set in 1924, according to the National Weather Service office in Duluth. That -36 is the actual temperature, not a wind chill!

Why is the Main Stream Media (MSM) totally dead wrong about Global Warming?  They are damn liars and idiots, who push non stop propaganda for their globalist masters.  No thinking is required when you work for a network.  They lie because they are paid to lie, anyone who tells the truth on the Jew News is soon out of a job.

So why do Jews lie?  Because the Jew is taught to lie as duty to their evil God.  Yes Virginia, Jews are waging war on us, and telling us lies is how they control us – all political power is gotten through the lie.  Global Warming was a big fat lie told by the Jews who are doing the dirty work for their money masters who want a world government paid by carbon taxes.



Just so you know water vapor is the primary greenhouse gas, and they don’t even mention it.  Why?  Because they are stupid and they don’t care.  They are so misinformed that they tell outright lies about CO2 being the threat but it isn’t.  It is questionable if Carbon Dioxide is even a factor since NASA put up a satellite and found out that the CO2 at altitude was cooling the planet.

Man made CO2 is only 0.117% of the greenhouse effect, that is a tenth of one percent, so low as to not even be measurable.  And they don’t mention that you can’t over pump the atmosphere with water vapor because of the dew point.  It is impossible to over warm the planet with water vapor because you are on a water planet.

The American people get nothing but lies from the media because the Jews do not care about reality, they make reality with their lies, they say whatever they want to say for their latest political agenda.  Scientific fact is no match for Wolf Blitzer, he just says whatever he is told to say.  The American media is Jewish owned and operated, it does not tell the truth about the false flags or global cooling.

All they do is lie, they even lie about your criticism of them.  If you say these white Jews are wrong then they call you an ‘anti-semite’, when they are not even Semites!  I am not racist, I am only interested in the truth about our reality, so if I write that Global Warming is total horseshit then why would CNN be offended?  Because they are pushing propaganda for global police state and they don’t like anyone pissing in their pot.

Tired of the lies, the deceptions, the false flags, the destruction of your nation?  Then get to readin’ Yukon Jack and turn the god damn Jewtube off.  Have a drink on me and curse the Jew back to hell!


Rising Sea Level Myth

Global Warming causing melting ice caps and putting many cities at risk of flooding is a great hoax.  If you want proof that this is just another Wall Street money making scam look no further to real estate prices in New York City, a town chock full of Jews who are the very ones pushing the scam.  Until recently, more Jews lived in NYC than anywhere else, so why would real estate be at record highs if Jews are the most shrewdful investors ever?

Trump’s son-in-law just paid record amount of Jew bucks for 666 Fifth Ave and has just released plans to upgrade the property in the shape of a giant penis.  Does this sound like an investor worried about global warming and sea level flooding?   If any of these global flooding plans were real then you’d be see the Jew rats fleeing Manhattan like the sinking Titanic. But they are not, because they are the ones working the scam, Jews are working the public over with wild claims and doing exactly the opposite.

Jared Kushner is building a skyscraper and, well, it looks like a dick

Jared Kushner is erecting a huge dildo at 666 5th Ave.

Jared Kushner Is Building a New Skyscraper in New York and, TBH, It Looks Like a Penis

Sea levels have already reached interglacial levels, so there is zero risk of any flooding.  That’s right, they know the truth, sea levels have already reached maximum for this interglacial cycle.  When the last Ice Age terminated there was 10,000 years of melt, and oceans went up 120 meters.  This was recorded in ancient literature as the flood.  It didn’t happen the way the Bible said, it took a very long time and all of the civilizations at sea level were flooded.  The current rage in modern archeology is underwater investigations of those places flooded in antiquity.

CO2 has no effect on sea levels, CO2 responds to climate change just like sea levels, it follows temperature.  In the next chart study the bottom Sea Level curve, oceans go up and down, and take a good look at the peaks, for the last 400,000+ years sea levels reach the same maximum, it has absolutely nothing to do with CO2.  Causality between CO2 and sea levels is not established, they are both following temperature which is caused by something else, which is most likely orbital variations and solar output.

Sea level is correlated to solar output.  That makes sense, temperature on earth is controlled by the sun and not by a trace gas in the atmosphere.  Anthropocentric CO2 output is about 1% of a trace gas so it should not be expected as causal.

If we read David Archibald, Ice Ages and Sea Level, an alarming chart is presented showing that the next increase in ice will be deeper than the Eemian interglacial.

“Northern Hemisphere ice volume (IS SHOWN) for the last 200,000 years and a projection for the next 130,000 years. According to these calculations, the Earth is at the beginning of a 20,000 year plunge into the next ice age.”

That means the Global Warming theorists are totally wrong, flooding of low lying areas is not the problem but ice volume is going to rapidly increase and thus cause sea levels to drop.  Likewise CO2 will drop along with ocean levels as ice builds up and oceans cool.  That means Jared Kushner’s giant penis will be frozen like a popsicle

If we take a look at the previous interglacial, called the Eemian, we can see the clear relationship of CO2 to temperature.  As temperature goes up, CO2 follows with a lag.  That is because the great CO2 sink is deep sea water which takes a long time to respond to atmospheric warming.  As the ocean slowly warms than CO2 is released into the atmosphere, always striving to maintain equilibrium based on pressure and temperature no different from a cold can of soda pop opened on a hot day.

Climate alarmists are misreading the data, they are under the spell of global warming not realizing that it is a scam created by Jewish bankers.  The game is to create a world carbon tax to fund the Jewish World Order.  Most of the Jew bankers live in New York City, the very place that is going to be destroyed by flooding.  If ocean levels went up only by a few feet then the hydraulic action the storm surge would wipe out the buildings in effected areas.  The next chart illustrates this faulty logic, because CO2 is higher now than anytime in the last 450,000 years the claim is that sea levels will go higher than the highest levels of the previous interglacials.


Sea levels fluctuate due to other causes as shown in the next chart.   The 200 millimeter rise of sea levels is not correlated to man made CO2, it is within the normal post glacial fluctuation band.  Remember sea levels went up 370 feet post glacial peak 18,000 years ago.  A foot is 300 millimeters, sea levels are fluctuating +/- 1 foot which is normal.

Sea levels have been fluctuating during the entire Holocene.  Those levels have nothing to do with atmospheric CO2 levels.  CO2 is not forcing sea levels up or down, that is completely ridiculous.  Climate alarmists like to present charts out of context.  The above chart shows sea level over a few hundred years but put in context of thousands of years we can clearly see that modern variations are within a narrow band.  Even this next chart has been skewed in favor of rising sea levels when compared to a more detailed chart.

What will happen over the next several thousand years is sea level drop leaving Manhattan high and dry with the coast line steadily receding.  The Mediterranean basin will dry up just like it did in the last ice age.  But what is the media telling you?  Exactly the opposite.



Northern Latitude Holocene Temperature Records Paint a Steady Cooling

Imagine my surprise seeing a new presentation of temperature records being published on WUTT site, being familiar with Holocene charts I was happy to see a new temperature profile for northern latitudes that matched my long held contention that temperatures have been steadily declining since the interglacial optimum 8,000 years ago.  The Holocene Temperature records for specific geographical locations paints a new picture of what is really going on – a steady cooling of earth temperatures since the “climate optimum” or highest Holocene temperatures when the last Ice Age warming occurred.

The above chart is shown in standard geological format with time moving right to left.  This is confusing to the mind because in western culture we always view time as moving right.  The above chart has been flipped horizontally for civilian viewing,  I put the present time (zero years Before Present 0 B.P. ) on the far right for you.  Note how ancient Rome 2,000 years ago was substantially warmer than now and that the modern warming blip is still relatively way below ancient Rome temperatures, a time period where most humans wore little to no clothes.

Now compare the charts above and below, the new chart shows a clear trend while the standard Holocene temperature chart below leaves the viewer with the impression that temperatures might be going up.  Many alarmists draw a red line to new highs making an impression that runaway Global Warming might heat up the earth to temperatures higher than the highest during the interglacial Holocene.

What global warming charlatans want you to believe is that temperatures are going to shoot up higher than the warmest phase of the interglacial.  That is completely impossible as the maximum is always achieved at the start of the interglacial, the real threat are plunging temperatures as the Milankovitch cycle turns.  The sun and orbital variations are well correlated to earth’s ice age cycles.

Alarmist want you to believe that temperatures are headed to new highs, but this is not the case, the post interglacial temperature maximum is showing a steady decline – especially on the 30-60 degree North latitude chart where almost the entire the industrial world resides.  In the near future the entire northern hemisphere is going to re-glaciate.  The obvious question is whether man’s industrial gas output is going to change or ameliorate the established down trend.  The answer is not a chance because carbon dioxide and methane are trace gases having little effect on the overall thermodynamics of the planet.

On longer term charts, like the standard 420,000 temperature profile (proxy obtained from carbon and oxygen isotope ratios trapped in ice) we see a very clear pattern that the entire global warming enthusiasts completely ignore.  What can you make out of the charts above and below?  That whatever makes for an interglacial doesn’t last long, that the interglacial is a very temporary period of warmth that last a few thousand years and which temperatures drift steadily lower until ice sheets grip the earth for long periods.  The fact is we are at the statistical end of the present interglacial.

The grand illusion of global warming theorists is CO2 causality to temperature.  They assert CO2 and CH4 as atmospheric temperature control gases.  This is not the case, water vapor is the primary greenhouse gas that they usually ignore from their discussion of overheating doom because it doesn’t fit their narrative.  The man made or anthropocentric contribution for all greenhouse gases is insignificant and not even measurable.  Man caused CO2 is only 0.117% – so small when rounded to the nearest integer it is zero.

On longer term charts temperature and CO2 are presented in a format implying causality, but this is not the case.  CO2 does not force temperature, it follows temperature lagging 800-2,000 years.  But you can not see this lag in this presentation because the time scales are too long.  The next graphic illustrates the alarmist fear projection, the apparent causality between CO2 and temperature is shown and the recent CO2 spike to 400 ppm, but temperature is NOT following the rise in CO2.

Shorter term timescales are necessary to illustrate the true relationship between CO2 and temperature.  CO2 follows earth’s changing temperatures and there is a lag caused by the time it takes for oceans to absorb or emit CO2 as the airborne and liquid phase of CO2 maintains equilibrium.  There is a gigantic amount of Carbon Dioxide dissolved in sea water, the colder the water the more it absorbs.  Deep ocean waters have 38 trillion of tons versus a measly 5 billion tonnes emitted by humans.  Take a few minutes to study the next two charts, the carbon exchange with sea water dwarfs factory output.  The ocean carbon dioxide absorption rate is far greater than man made CO2.

Anthropocentric output is miniscule compared to what the rest of the earth is doing.  We are not going to cook ourselves with higher CO2.   The other unmentioned myth of human’s suffocating from excessive CO2 is also nonsense.  As the atmospheric CO2 goes up its rate of absorption also goes up until an equilibrium is reached.  We can NOT over pump the atmosphere with Carbon Dioxide molecules because we are on a water planet that sucks up excessive CO2 like a sponge.  Deep ocean water is a gigantic CO2 sink and that is eventually turned into coral and limestone.

CO2 is a life gas along with Oxygen and water vapor.  We need CO2 to live and the EPA’s faulty definition naming CO2 as a pollutant is political not scientific.  The intentional malfeasance of the global warming theorists becomes readily apparent, they are intentionally misrepresenting the correlation between CO2 and temperature, they want you to believe CO2 is making temperatures go up, but this is not the case, CO2 follows and lags temperature.  Al Gore is not some hero, he is a political criminal that needs to hang for his crimes of intentionally misleading the public and enslaving them in a world government carbon tax scam.

Furthermore, all of the CO2 heating effect occurs in the first 20 ppm because of the inverse logarithmic effect on concentration.  So the scare mongering is baseless, CO2 levels could soar even from the current 400 ppm and the heating effect will be so miniscule as unnoticeable.  What this means is that CO2 levels will not stop the new ice age from advancing.  So the real threat is not global warming but global cooling and aridification of the continents.  During the glaciations the continent weather dramatically changes to cold and dry making farming nearly impossible in the world’s current bread basket farming regions.

The real upcoming crisis will be agricultural changes from encroaching ice age conditions.  During the last couple of ice ages plants stopped growing because CO2 got to scarce. In this cycle agricultural will have to shift south, if temperatures drop below the last little ice age and glaciers start forming then much of the northern climes above 50 degrees North Latitude will have to move south.  Think about this, all of Canada must move south during the glaciation phase.

Don’t be fooled by the global warming hype.  We have a crisis alright, science has been corrupted by those chasing public grant money.  Don’t be suckered by the runaway warming meme, temperatures and ocean levels have already reached maximum for the current cycle and now we are facing dramatic cooler climates and all the associated problems with a new ice age.  Anyone with a thinking brain should be able to figure out that politicians always lie and any moral person should be skeptical of the Globalist plans for world domination.