Global Freezing Your Ass Off

Are you cold and miserable?  Are you freezing your ass off?  Welcome to my new blog, Global Freezing Your Ass Off.   I will document the epic fail of global warming as the world careens into the new ice age.

Are you tired of the media lies about Global Warming, one of the big lies of state being used to enslave your mind and wallet to ever expanding government?   I will chew up the lies and spit them out on the frozen tundra of your television programmed mind.

There is no global warming, the meme is just another lie invented to enslave the masses to Jewish bankers.  Carbon Dioxide is a trace gas, man made CO2 is 1-3% of a that, so low to be insignificant.  If you think for one second that CO2 emissions warm the atmosphere then you are being mind controlled by an evil force.  Anthropocentric CO2 is about 0.117% of the global warming gas, so low that it is not measurable and doesn’t matter.


The above chart perfectly illustrates just how bad you are being lied to, water vapor is almost all of the global warming gas yet is never mentioned!  The media is lying to you, accept it, turn them off, the MSM is owned by God Damn Jew liars!

Furthermore, any increases in CO2 will not change the equation, the ‘heating effect” of CO2 is an inverse logarithmic chart:


The Big Lies of the Jews

Forget everything you’ve ever learned, all of your beliefs are Jew lies.  They lie and lie and lie and lie.

1.  New Testament.  The biggest hoax of all time.  You need a Jewish savior to save you from the wrathful Jewish god.  If you think Global Warming was a hard sell then consider what they got you to believe in the Bible:

“A cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree.”

You need to be saved, alright, from Jewish predation by overcoming the lies of the Jew and his legal systems of control.  The Jew is the wrath in the system, not his imagined god.

No Jew god can save you from the Jew.  Belief in a Jew god enslaves you to the wrathful Jew.  The gun saves you from the Jew when you kill the Jew ridding the planet of him and his evil.  In order to save yourself then read my other blog,  American Defense Party.

2.  Hitler and the Big Lie.  Hitler wrote about how the Jew uses the Big Lie.  The Jews accuse him of inventing the Big Lie, which is a big lie in itself.  Adolf Hitler is probably the greatest leader of the last several thousand years because not only did he name the Jew as the enemy of mankind, he organized his nation against the Jew and made it official state policy to end Jewish rule.

This is, of course, why the Jew media vilifies Hitler, he was on to them and named them as the enemy.  Hitler was 100% right in his assessment of the Jews, they are the enemy.

3.  Holocaust.  The Jew used the 6,000,000 number over a hundred times prior to WW2.  The Germans never had an extermination program, there is NO forensic evidence of any of the Jew claims of extermination and cremation.

The Nazi high command had no program like they say.  In fact, the Holohoax is Jew hate and the bearing of false witness on the German.  The Germans never burned millions of Jews in oven when there was a war time fuel shortage in Germany.

4. 9112001.  Muslims attacked the United States on 911.  This is a huge lie, Israel (i.e. Jews) did 911 and blamed it on the Muslims.  No Muslims were even involved in that false flag, one of many Jew false flags.  Millions upon millions of humans have been killed and wounded and severely mentally harmed in the Gulf Wars because of this lie.  Only the Jew benefited from the lie.

5. Global Warming.  Another big lie of the Jew being used to enslave mankind to carbon taxes.  First of all there is no global warming, and there is no proof that man’s activities could cause the earth to warm.  And there is no causality between the CO2 curve and temperature in the ice core data.

Jewish Policies Always Lead to Mass Death

The Jew is good at one thing.  Lying.  And he is good at another thing.  Creating political systems that lead to mass death, a good example is Communism.  The Holocaust myth has lead to the death and displacement of millions of Palestinians and was used to extort billions of dollars.

The 911 myth was used to wage wars on Jewish enemies.  Millions have died, so far Iraq has been carpet bombed, long with Pakistan, Libya, and Syria.  Mass destruction and death has followed in the wake of the 911 lie.

The Global Warming lie is being used to shut down power plants and create and artificial energy shortage.  This will result in millions and millions of dead and starving humans just like all the other Jew lies. 

When the Jew tells the Big Lie, watch out, millions are going to die.

Christianity is a Death Cult

So what does Christianity have to do with Global Warming?  Both are death cults.  Christianity is a Jewish psyop on the mass mind, no person who believes is able to reason properly or defend himself from Jew predation.  The Christian lives within a state of guilt, the Christian feels guilty for being alive and believes in need of salvation from a Jew god.

The fundamental beliefs of Christians are all total horseshit. There is no Jew god, there is no afterlife judgment, there is no hell or devil.  Because of that you don’t need to be saved except from the Jew devil.  Your salvation is not about the afterlife at all, it is about living here on earth in the presence of Jews.

The Christian actually believes in the return of a fictional savior, what this does is to get the Christian to not only ‘stand down’ and not defend self but also to suspend critical thinking skills.  Thus the Jew freely feeds on the Christian sheep, slaughtering the herd at will.

When the Jew presents the Global Warming agenda he is able to sell it to the global christian mind.  The Christian is to stupid to do anything about the new myth because the Christian is under the influence and programming of the old myth.  The Christian will swallow the new meme every time like a two bit whore because the Christian is whored to the Jew.

The Jew owns all of Christendumb with his Jesus myth.  The Christian must believe and must obey the political authority because the Bible commands it.  Since the Jew controls the state and Christians obey the state, then the Christian obeys the Jew and he does so because he believes in the Jewish myth of Christianity.

Global Warming is a Death Cult

Whenever you get lots of humans believing a lies, the result can be deadly.  Global Warming is the just the latest of Jew myths that will kill many.  With the CO2 warming myth, the Jew has gotten you to agree to the premise that:

  • CO2 causes warming
  • CO2 will lead to runaway warming
  • CO2 is bad
  • You are bad

Once the Jew gets you to agree that you are bad, then you have agreed to your own death.

The Jew cares not if any of his lies are real or factually correct, the Jew only does what they parasite can do, that is feed on the body of the whole, doing nothing but creating chaos, mayhem, and death with his lies.

The Jew is the father of all lies.

If you think any of my rhetoric is extreme this is because you have a sheeple mind, you don’t mind if other sheep are picked off by the Jew wolf, you are not fair in your assessment of the Jew because your mind is unable to grasp what the Jew is doing.

If you want to live then you better get your head out of your ass and start seeing what is really going on and start doing something about your own survival.  The Jew has no plan on keeping you alive, you are just another thing he is using.


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