The New Ice Age is On the Way

The new ice age is a thousand years overdue.  It’s coming and man can NOT stop it.  Global Warming was a lie, a big fat lie told by big fat liars like Al Gore.  Global Warming promotion was a crime, those that told the lie need to hang, society is being directed in the exactly wrong direction because we have a political class of whores.


All the talk about Global Warming and Climate Change is mainstream media (MSM) lies and subterfuge.  They always lie, idiots on the television idiot box read the teleprompter script of evil and insane Jew liars.  If you watch it then you will be confused and made stupid.  Don’t do it.  Television is a powerful device, it is being used as the primary propaganda media, 7 Jewish men own almost all the mass media in the United States.  Never ever watch the Jewtube, everything on the Jewish controlled television are lies of Jewish parasites.

Once you understand that you are being lied to continuously about everything, you might want to know what is actually going on, and if the climate is getting ready to flip.  The scientists that study this are saying the sun controls the climate, not CO2.  They are saying the solar cycle is reduced and going into hibernation.  It does this periodically, the earth cools substantially if the sun is absent of sunspots.


Now take that information and consider that we are overdue for an ice age, not just a mini-ice age, but the full blown real ice age.  We are long overdue for continental glaciers.


Once the temperature plunge starts, the world you know will rapidly change toward the cold, agriculture will be severely affected, the huge 7 billion human population could face starvation, millions will be forced to move toward the equator, the entire population of Canada will be forced to flee.  New data proves that Ice Ages develop fast, in only 2-20 years.

Canada, Oh Canada, Where Art Thou?

We have excellent data on previous Ice Ages, they are cyclical, their coverage is known.  In the next Ice Age Canada will disappear just like in all previous epochs.  The ice will extend into northern United States, yes Virginia, the Statue of Liberty will have to be moved elsewhere.


So as the new cold reality develops I hope you have the guts to hold the liars in the media and government accountable for their criminal lies of Global Warming.  They need to be hung from every lamp post down Pennsylvania Avenue!  Human cause Carbon Dioxide is not a factor and can not stop the earth from freezing, they sold you a big fat lie and do NOT believe for one second that humans can affect the thermodynamics of the planet.

Is the new Ice Age starting?  Is the earth cooling from a reduced solar cycle?  Already in 2013, at solar maximum, it is cold and snowy this month, here is the national map for December 11th, 2013.  And this is happening at a peak in a solar cycle, we are currently at solar max for cycle 24.



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