Global Warming Frozen in TIME

Global Warming, a modern myth propagated by psychotic Jews and their goyim sycophants, is dead as a doornail, frozen like a Chicago feed lot cow turd caught up in a polar vortex arctic blast from the returning Ice Age. The liars at Time Magazine repeated the big lie of CO2 driven warming with magazine cover after cover when it was all a lie, a big fat Jew lie.

time cover4

Hell hath frozen over the global warming bullshit.  There is no global warming, the fudged temperature data revealed, inter IPCC collusion emails published, the computer models all based on flawed premise that CO2 was the main driver of temperature.  Not so, not even close, not even a measurable factor.  These miscreants even classified the life gas of carbon dioxide as a pollutant. The only CO2 off gassing you’ll ever worry about is down at your local taqueria staffed by bean eating illegals who are plotting Aztlan rising.

If there is one building that needs a commando raid it is the Time Warner Building on 10 Columbus Circle, New York.  Specially trained SEALS enter at the lobby and work their way up one floor at a time, leaving no survivors, the only ones that escape the white wrath are the ones that jumped out like the WTC on 911.  The people employed in that building are causal to the deaths of millions of innocent peoples around the globe, and their telling of the global warming lie has cost the American people billions.  They need to be completely eradicated without mercy along with all of their buddies at the SPLC.


Jump You F-ckers! is what we mentally project on the Wall Street pirates and the criminal minds that push Talmudic reality.  People are going to start freezing to death based on national policies based on global warming, the trend to shut down coal fired electrical plants is insanely genocidal.  But that is the point, isn’t it?  The Jew fabricates a big lie, pushes for public policy changes, then gleefully watches the goyim die in large numbers.

time cmposite

Global warming is a huge lie.  The Jew lies and lies and lies, they all lie because the Jew is part of the Talmudic hive mind.  All Jews act in unison and none can be trusted.  Truth is not a concern of the Jew, only the hive and control of the goyim worker drones.

The Jew tells whopper size lies, so huge that you can’t imagine that any human would lie that bad.  The Jew even tells the big lie about the big lie, claiming Hitler was the author of the big lie when Hitler was describing them in his book.  And boy do the Jews hate Hitler or what?   He organized Germany into a rival hive, he got all the Germans to act in unison against the Jew enemy, national fascism a solution to the parasitic Jew hive problem.

So when the Jew hive decides to tell the big lie of global warming they all do it and keep doing it even when they’ve been caught and the scam exposed.  What did the hive do when the IPCC was caught colluding on fabricating data?  They changed the meme to ‘climate change’, they did not admit to their global warming lie, they all started telling a new lie.

With global warming they got caught because the weather decided to get cold.  Science and looking out your front door trumped myth.  Most of you, however, still believe the lie of ‘climate change’ and go along with the nonsensical explanations that warm causes cold.  Global warming now causes ‘polar vortex’ according to the Jews at hive central, Time Magazine.

And you eat it up just as you believe the lie of Jesus the Christ.  Most of you have swallowed the New Testament hook, line, and sinker because you wanted to be saved.  You were born a slave in Jew hell, and the savior myth appealed to your fragile mind, you got caught in a Jew fishnet.  It’s not so easy to disprove that myth, although Joseph Atwill just did in his latest book.


With Jesus you got hooked on the idea of a personal savior.  You needed something to survive Jew predation.  Unfortunately you took into your hearts a Jewish savior who came to save his people.  Deep down you know something is terribly wrong with the world so you latched on to what you feel is the good.  Unfortunately, those memes you accepted, whether global warming or Jesus, is a way to control your mind and get you accept slavery.

Global warming was another massive Jewish thought crime, just as big as the Holocaust, almost as big as the Federal Reserve and Christianity.  Those that promoted it need to hang.  The only real problem is finding enough lamp posts to hang all the liars at Time Warner so that is I can imagine a commando raid or even better, multiple strikes from Tomahawk cruise missiles.  Do unto Time as Time has done to you.


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