Climate Change I Can Believe In – Hanging All the Liars


The impossible might happen, the Great Lakes completely frozen over right during the middle of Global Warming.  If this doesn’t get you to start questioning the bullshit you are being told by the Jewtube then I don’t know what will.  Global Warming is bullshit and the climate change meme is a psyop on your mind, the climate is always changing and it is getting colder.

Another big chill is forecast for next week, another giant mass of frozen air is going to stream across the center of the continent and freeze everything in it’s path.  The Great Lakes are sure to lock up solid, they are already near record frozen.

Are you starting to get mad yet?  You’ve been lied to, big time.  It’s not ok, it’s criminal, the government is a crime scene, D.C.  needs to be encased in that yellow DO NOT CROSS tape, doused with liberal amounts of gasoline, and then lit.  Good riddance and grab the marshmellows.

I feel the climate changing within me, the rage is building and I am cocking my revolver as I aim it at the nearest politician’s head.  All those that lied to us need to hang, string ’em up, straight down Pennsylvania Avenue, every lamp post a dangling frozen corpse of D.C. liar.  String Al Gore up prominently in front of the National Mall, let everyone know what happens when you lie, you get the same kind of fate that the Vlad the Impaler used to meter out.  Take down the bodies when it warms, around the 4th of July.

They are now banning wood stoves and closing down coal fired plants exactly as the ice age climate approaches.  This is intentional genocide, they are trying to kill us off.  The national government is insane, they all need to hang or find real jobs which don’t exist because of their other policies.  The D.C. parasite needs any emergency meeting behind the woodshed with Mr. Colt 45.  Really, it’s time to end the Federal Government, it is an evil tool of Jewish Talmudic Bolshevism.

We need a new climate in America, we need to change, we need governments with no Jews, no liars, no evil manipulations of crackpot scientists.


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