Ice Age Now!

The world is plunging into a new mini ice age while the fools in the District of Criminals try to sell us the Global Warming or as now as they call it – “climate change” and push their global carbon tax scheme.  There is no global warming, there has always been climate change and now we are sliding into a grand solar minimum where sunspots all but disappear and the sun goes relatively cold. Ice is on the way, this summer will be short, and another brutal winter will descend upon us early. Welcome to reality, the new age of ice is on the way.  Global Warming is a total and epic fail.


At no point in history has the world been this delusional, except maybe in the age of faith where women were burned as witches.  The IPCC has been caught cherry picking the data, the hockey stick temperature spike exposed as fraud, Al Gore exposed as a damn liar.  Global Warming is more than just a hoax and a crime, it is the collapse of scientific methodlogy as media and money grubbing whores say anything for their hidden master’s agenda.

co2 effect

In this essay I will present overwhelming evidence and graphics about what is really going on, those parroting the global warming meme do not understand the real science behind global temperature changes, temperature is not going up, ice cap area is not decreasing, CO2 is not causing warming, man made CO2 is not a factor.  We are at the end of the Holocene and the Sun has changed!

The CO2 Myth

The main premise of Anthropocentric Global Warming that atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) forces temperature is patently and easily shown to be false.   Why this myth persists is because the Jew owned media repeats the lie over and over, CO2 as a driver to warming is pure propaganda.  CO2 is just like the Holocaust, both are huge media generated hoaxes, they even demonize Global Warming skeptics of being like Holocaust deniers.

warming effect CO2 ppm

The earth has trillions of tons of CO2 dissolved in sea water and even more absorbed in rocks, the amount in the sky is miniscule and changes when the temperature of sea water changes.  Cold water dissolves more gas than warm water, so just as a can of soda pop on a hot summer day, that loses its fizz when opened, CO2 in seawater comes out of solution and increases the concentration of atmospheric CO2.  Temperature drives CO2 concentrations historically, CO2 is NOT causal, and during ancient earth epochs CO2 was usually around 3,000 ppm.


CO2 only responds to temperature changes.  Once you fully grasp that CO2 is trace gas and man made CO2 a tiny 1-3% of that, then you might wonder why all the hoopla about CO2.  Man made global warming gases are about a tenth of one percent, so small as to be negligible and unmeasurable.

man made gases

The big CO2 scare is about pushing the agenda of global governance and a carbon tax, it is not about real science, in fact real science has been pushed aside and made into a mockery.  The so-called New World Order, the drive for a one world government run and owned by Jews is a criminal scheme of Talmudic dominance, and their primary means of enslavement is by selling the Big Lie, telling whooping ass lies and then basing public policy on these media lies.

#1 CO2EarthHistory

Recent examples are the Sandy Hook Hoax, the Boston Bombing Hoax, the 911 Trade Tower Hoax, the Holocaust Hoax, the Bay of Tonkin attack Hoax.  Jews are liars, they always lie.  They lie, lie, lie and even take a Kol Nidre Oath at the beginning of the year promising to lie to the goyim.  If you believe anything being promoted by the main stream media then you are a damn fool.  The networks are owned by Supremacist Jews promoting their criminal profit making agendas.  Lying is what they do, that is all they do.

At the End of History, at the End of the Interglacial, at the End of the Holocene

Since CO2 can NOT force temperature, you might want to be concerned about what might happen next if the sun is powering down.  We are in an geological age of ice, we are still in the Ice Age, and we are at the end of an interglacial, this one termed the Holocene.  All of history, what we call the rise of civilization, is encompassed in the Holocene.  What happens to civilization when the ice age snows return and Canada disappears again?  Mass migrations, starvations, a big population dieoff.

holocene decline

After the climatic optimum, where the earth sees the warmest years after the big melt, there is a slow slide in temperatures back toward cold, this is happening right now, which is why the latest 20 years has seen no change in temperature.  The sky is falling Chicken Littles simply projected a intermediate warming trend into the future right at the end of the trend.   This is a common human fallacy of thinking , linear projection of cyclical behavior.  There is even a new science to understand the phenomenon called Socionomics.  A few warm years in the 1990’s caused mass hysteria, but this last winter should of made doubters out of all Global Warming believers, Niagara Falls froze over twice, the Great Lakes all but became a sold ice sheet.


Something happened at the end of the Triassic, some think a 10km wide meteor hit the Yucatan Peninsula causing the last mass extinction.  Earth temperatures have been sliding since the end of  the age of the dinosaurs.  Giant furless dinosaurs died off because global temperatures plunged and never recovered.   Temperatures kept falling until it got so cold that earth is locked in a permanent Ice Age cycle.  All of man’s evolution is encompassed by the Ice Age.

global warming hoax

Global cooling is 65 million years in the making, the warm reptile weather is long gone, and in the last 2.5 million years the earth is locked in in a periodic ice glaciation cycle.  The earth is locked into a big chill and there is nothing we can do to save the earth, and burning fossil fuels won’t change a damn thing.


To make matter worse, this latest interglacial was not that warm as the previous one, the Eocene interglacial.  That is ominous, and means the earth is still cooling from the Jurassic.  The world temperature records shows cooling since climatic optimum (8,000 years ago), at the beginning of the Holocene temperatures slid just as it has after every start of the interglacial.  There is no reason to assume that this time it will be different.  The earth is cooling just as it has every time after the big melt.


Scientists can debate why the earth suddenly warms every 100,000 years, but we know what happens after the glaciers recede.  First the glaciers melt, the sea levels rise 300-400 meters, then the earth slides back into the cold.  That happens every time, and scientists have evidence that it has happened about 40 times since the ice age Pleistocene Epoch started 2.5 million years ago.  We are in an Ice Age, million of years in the making and nothing has changed, to think otherwise is folly.


After the big melt, after the early climatic optimum, the earth slowly cools and slides back into the glaciations.  This is happening now, Antarctic ice is now increasing again, winters are getting more severe, snow is getting deeper.  Temperature profiles measured from ice cores illustrates this decreasing temperature trend, each bump sees the temperature slide lower, the next trough will be colder than the Little Ice Age.

Fullscreen capture 9112012 75116 PM

Solar Cycle 25 May Never Show

How do we know that the next solar cycle will be a dudl?  NASA and the NOAA have all this wonderful equipment which they are recording data that tell us exactly what is going to happen next.  Solar Cycle 25 is going to be small to non-existent.


How can we be so sure about the failure of the next solar cycle (SC25)?  First it will be late in the making because of the failure of the “rush to the poles”.  The now infamous Altrock diagram, the plot of the movement of ionized iron atoms across the sun’s surface can be used to project the starting point of the next cycle.  The longer the cycle, the weaker the cycle and the next solar minimum has extended forecast of out to 2026!

altrock diagram

As telescopes measure the movement of the magnetic field bands across the sun’s surface, they can tell what the next solar cycle and sunpsots will be like, the magnetic fields are like a ball of rubberbands that are rolling across the sun’s surface like a huge rolodex.

sun magnetic field lines

The next cycle bands that are folding into the poles, back into the sun’s interior for reemergence a decade from now are non-existent!  Scientists stare in disbelief, they can’t wrap their minds around the implication, the sun is behaving oddly, we are plunging into a grand solar minima, will there even be another solar cycle during this century?


World War 3, Nuclear Winter

As world temperatures fall, crops fail, populations freeze, it is certain that war will occur and nukes used.  The insane Jewish supremacists have been liberally using nukes in the Gulf Wars, in Syria, and used depleted uranium since Bosnia.  They don’t care about the environment and are willing to do anything to win.  Staving Russia by taking Ukraine is their current option.


Nuclear Winter is a real possibility as we see the Jewish controlled west provoking regime change in Ukraine.  How can Russia allow their bread basket to fall to Jewish oligarchs at the onset of a new ice age?  They can’t and it is only time until Putin rolls the tanks.  The war could go nuclear, Washington is up against the wall with exponential debt, they will do anything, they are desperate and nuclear war could be the trigger right at the start of reduced solar cycle.  A new Ice Age is the perfect depopulation bomb.


Where will it be safe when the Neocon Jews decide to go all out and use the nuclear winter option on Russia?  Nuclear war spells doom for all those living in the Northern Hemisphere.  Where to go to ride out the radioactive ice storm.  Easter Island?

bomb heads


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