The Great Carbon Dioxide Scam



Runaway Global Warming is a meme, now proving false.  Human caused warming is not reality as many people are finding out during a record cold period.  How did we get it so wrong?  Well let me tell you, humans get many great things wrong, and one great delusion of our time is that we control the weather. One of the reason for humanities problems stems from the human ability to believe anything, humans have this wonderful adaptation of imagination, and this trait is very exploitable by the powers that be.

It seems most of humanity is lost in one or more delusions, and some of us writers are starting to wonder out loud that the specie is a fail.  One of the great mistaken beliefs is the Global Warming, now Climate Change theory, the idea that runaway warming will occur from CO2 emissions.  These are not even theories since no proof is offered, they are suggestions to the mass mind, the push for world government taxes and get rich quick political scam by demonizing a life gas.  No causality between CO2 and temperature has ever been established.

The western media is owned and controlled by a Jewish conspiracy which seek a Jewish World Order that raises taxes primarily by a carbon tax, thus Global Warming is a gigantic political hoax being pushed by the Jew owned media as part of a larger totalitarian control agenda, human activity is demonized because almost all human activity produces CO2.  Your breath is now the enemy of state, even breathing demonized by the evil ones.


A primary goal is to weaken and destroy their primary enemy, the United States of America, a former industrial powerhouse.  Part of this secret agenda is to de-industrialize America. The global warming agenda might include shutting down coal fired plants that produce more than half of America’s electricity just before we plunge into a new Ice Age.  Such policies would be catastrophic to the heating needs and survivability of Americans.

Their long range goal to destroy America is just about complete.  Now for the coup de grace of Climate Change. Global Warming/Climate Change is a monumental hoax by Jew criminals to destroy us. Think about how the Zionist controlled media lies about 911, War of Terror, the economy, and the Federal Reserve.  We should not believe them but arrest them and prosecute the liars who use the public airways to scam the public.

co2 log

Global Warming Caused by CO2 is a Gigantic Hoax

Water vapor is 95% of the greenhouse gases, CO2 is 3.618% and man made CO2 is even more miniscule, only 0.117%. CO2 molecules in the atmosphere are so diffuse that is impossible for CO2 to cause global warming.  Anthropocentric CO2 can NOT cause warming because it is not even a factor in atmospheric heating.


Thus anthropocentric CO2 concentrations are negligible, human caused warming gas of CO2 is so close to zero that for calculations it is zero.  So no wonder Global Warming failed, increasing CO2 levels have almost no effect.  So the liars had to switch horses in the middle of their scam and change the title to Climate Change, a meaningless meme.


The primary assumptions of Global Warming are not even true, first the temperature has never been stable at some set level, earth temperatures have gone up and down for billions of years with no humans, and secondly CO2 causality has never been established.   Think!  A minor trace gas is not what makes the weather.

Memorize these charts: only 3.62% of the total global warming gases are CO2, and of that only 3.4% are man made. Thus man made CO2 is only 0.117% (the approximate numbers are 3.62/100 x 3.4/100).


It is impossible to accurately discuss the politics of global warming without framing Anthropocentric Global Warming (AGW) in context of the Jewish conspiracy to rule the world. In order to get you under the control of a worldwide Jewish regulated police state they are demonizing carbon emissions, one of the primary life gases.  You are being demonized, first they said we were Goyim, then expendable, taxable, and now they are saying we are threat to the planet.

All plants and animals either absorb or emit carbon, you exhale CO2, you become the enemy of the planet by the very act of breath. Global warming is a new anti-human death cult, its believers as radical as any religious extremist movement.  Supremacist Jews must be stopped, and the only cure for their parasitic addictions are direct lead injections behind their left ear.

As they push ahead with their scam, their runaway temperature models have failed, the earth refuses to obey their computer projections, temperature is flatlining.  Once the Ice Age gets its cold on, CO2 concentration will start to drop, Mauna Loa will get lower readings surprising all the experts who think CO2 can only go up like the stock market.  CO2 will go down because the ocean is a giant sink for CO2, the colder the water gets the more it will absorb.


CO2 always follows temperature, so as the world cools (and the David Archibald forecast is a 5 degree drop by 2020), CO2 will go down and ocean levels will go down.  Archibald has been proven right time and again just as Al Gore’s assertions proven false.  So maybe we should listen to the climate expert not being funded by the political class who are running a scam.




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