The Climate Change We Can Believe In – Hang All the D. C. Liars!


The impossible might just happen, the frozen sheeple might wake up from their Jewish inspired death trance right during the middle of Global Warming.  If this freezing weather doesn’t get you to start questioning the bullshit you are being told by the Jewtube then I don’t know what will.  Global Warming is complete and total bullshit and the climate change meme is a psyop on your mind, the climate is changing and it is getting bitter cold.

global warming hits chicago Jan 7, 2015

Global Warming, a modern myth propagated by power mad Jews is dead as a doornail, frozen like a Chicago feed lot cow turd caught up in a polar vortex arctic blast from the returning Ice Age.  It’s time to take an icicle and shove it right up Al Gore’s lying ass.

Are you starting to get mad yet?  You’ve been lied to, big time.  It’s not ok, it’s criminal, the whore government is a crime scene, D.C.  needs to be encased in that yellow DO NOT CROSS tape, doused with liberal amounts of gasoline, and then light the town up, don’t forget to bring the marshmellows.  I can envision patriots encircling the city of hell makers and shooting anyone trying to escape.  No mercy for the District of Jewish Criminals.

I feel the climate changing within me, the rage is building and I am cocking my revolver as I aim it at the nearest politician’s head.  All those that lied to us need to hang, string ’em up, straight down Pennsylvania Avenue, every lamp post a dangling frozen corpse of D.C. politician and media liar.  String Al Gore up prominently in front of the National Mall, let everyone know what happens when you lie, you get the same kind of fate that the Vlad the Impaler used to meter out.  Take down the bodies when it warms, around the 4th of July.

They are now banning wood stoves and closing down coal fired plants exactly as the ice age climate approaches.  This is intentional genocide, they are trying to kill us off.  The national government is insane, they all need to hang or find real jobs which don’t exist because of their other policies.  This Jewish parasite needs expunging from the nation at any cost.  Really, it’s time to end the Jewish controlled Federal Government, it is an evil tool wrecking the world.

For instance freezing cold and snow is adding misery to nearly 8 million displaced Syrians from Amerikan warmongering policies.  Millions more in Gaza are without power.  All nations around Israel are literally in hell, and now the cold reality of an Ice Age is closing in.

Hell hath frozen over the global warming bullshit.  There is no global warming, the fudged temperature data revealed, inter IPCC collusion emails published, the computer models all based on flawed premise that CO2 was the main driver of temperature.  Not so, not even close, not even a measurable factor.  These miscreants even classified the life gas of carbon dioxide as a pollutant. The only CO2 off gassing you’ll ever worry about is down at your local taqueria staffed by bean eating illegals who will be heading south as the snow blows in from the Great White North.


People are going to start freezing to death based on national policies based on global warming, the trend to shut down coal fired electrical plants is insanely genocidal.  But that is the point, isn’t it?  The Jew fabricates a big lie, pushes for public policy changes, then gleefully watches the goyim die in large numbers.

Global warming is a huge lie.  The Jew lies and lies and lies, they all lie because the Jew is part of the Talmudic hive mind which survives on theft by lying.  All Jews act in unison and none can be trusted.  Truth is not a concern of the Jew, they just change the lie when caught, now global warming is reclassified as a meaningless term climate change, but the carbon taxes remain.

So when the Jew hive decides to tell the big lie of global warming they all do it and keep doing it even when they’ve been caught and the scam exposed.  What did the hive do when the IPCC was caught colluding on fabricating data?  They changed the meme to ‘climate change’, they did not admit to their global warming lie, they all started telling a new lie.

But they got caught because the weather decided to get cold.  Science and looking out your front door trumped myth.  Most of you, however, still believe the lie of ‘climate change’ and go along with the nonsensical explanations that warm causes cold.  Global warming now causes ‘polar vortex’ according to the Jews media.

Global warming was another massive Jewish thought crime, just as big as the Holocaust, almost as big as the Federal Reserve.  Those that promoted it need to hang.  The only real problem is finding enough lamp posts to hang all the liars.  We need a new climate in America, we need to change, we need governments with no Jews, no liars, no evil manipulations of crackpot scientists.



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