Screw Al Gore!


I can still remember back in 2008, about a year before the IPCC leaked emails, the day I realized that I was being lied to about Global Warming.  Like anyone coming out of any spell, I had a self reflective moment of realization that it was my own lack of integrity that got me to believe in Al Gore’s lies.

great lakes ice coverage vs. temperature map

I wanted to believe, that was my mistake.  Wanting to believe is a very bad thing because your mind then starts disregarding incoming data that might persuade you to change your mind, this is true of any topic.  Global Warming was a mini-religion for me for about 2 years, from the time I swallowed Al Gore’s  ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ to my wake up call to action.

Climate Gate started in November of 2009, and I was actively blogging and attacking the CO2 does warming meme.  So I know at least a year in advance of that time period I was actively involved in exposing the dehumanization of humanity by the Carbon Dioxide meme.  I was 100% conscious of the lie about a year before the bloggers busted wide open the IPCC scam.


When Google changed in its privacy rules was on 29 Feb 2012, I waited until that day to cancel my google blogger account, in a small effort to send those Jew mother fuckers a message.  Fuck you and your lack of privacy changes, go to hell google, nice knowing ‘ya, you mother fucking Jews.  I never went back, I never used google again and anyone with a gmail account I intentionally avoid.  (ps  try Yandex and stop with gmail)

Global Warming should have died in 2009, but the Jew is determined to keep the scam going, having invested billions in mentally conditioning the vast herds of sheep, the Jew wants his carbon taxes.  So he changed the name of his deceptive racket to climate change, hedging his bets that the climate surely would change and thus he wouldn’t have the reality of actual weather countering his lies.  But even that meme has failed, temps have sliden sideways.

global warming-climate change meme fail

The real weather doesn’t conform to the artificial Talmudic reality offered by the Jewish supremacists working over the Goyim.  The sun controls the weather, not CO2, and no matter what the global warming parasites claim they can not control the sunlight.  Humans might be destroying the ecosystem, but they are not changing the heating and cooling of the sun’s energy input to planet earth.

With each severe winter, more and more people will doubt the claims of the Jewish controlled media.  Are you cold and miserable?  Are you freezing your ass off?  Do you also doubt the veracity of Al Gore’s claims?  Good!  Doubt on because I am going to show you how bad they are lying to you.  Have a drink on me and give a rebel yell – FUCK YOU AL GORE!

First off, Carbon Dioxide is a trace gas, man made CO2 is 1-3% of a that, so low to be insignificant.  Anthropocentric CO2 is about 0.117% of the global warming gas, so low that it is not measurable and doesn’t matter.  You should doubt any claim that CO2 is a driver to atmospheric conditions.

fuck you al gore you damn liar

The above chart perfectly illustrates just how bad you are being lied to, water vapor is almost all of the global warming gas yet is never mentioned!  Water vapor is 96% of all green house gases and they don’t even talk about because they want you to believe that CO2 is problem, because the game is for you to accept your guilt of exhaling carbon, thus you the human are guilty of destroying the planet with your breath.

co2 is a trace gas and human generated co2 is insignificant

The media is lying to you, the mainstream media is owned by God Damn Jew liars!  Do not think for one second that CO2 emissions warming the atmosphere, if you believe that your breath is a threat to the planet then you are being mind controlled by an evil force.

Furthermore, any increases in CO2 will not change the equation, the ‘heating effect” of CO2 is an inverse logarithmic chart.  Even if humans are able to double CO2 into the atmosphere, from 400 ppm to 800 ppm, the effect will be negligible.  Do you hear me, doubling Carbon in the atmosphere WILL DO NOTHING toward changing atmospheric temperature!

co2 log

The Global Warming lie is being used to shut down power plants and create and artificial energy shortage.  This will result in millions and millions of dead and starving humans just like all the other Jew lies. 

The Jew is good at one thing.  Lying.  And he is good at another thing.  Creating political systems that lead to mass death, like the Jew run Bolshevik Communism or the Holocaust myth which was used to extort billions of dollars displace and kill millions of Palestinians.

proof of global warming meme

Likewise Global Warming is another huge Jew lie.  So when Goyim sellouts like AL Gore tell the lie of the Jew you should be outraged, you should get out a nice stiff rope to hang that bastard!

When the Jew tells the Big Lie, watch out, millions are going to die.

Whenever you get lots of humans believing Jew lies, the result can be deadly.  Global Warming is the just the latest of Jew myths that will kill many.  With the CO2 warming myth, the Jew has gotten you to agree to the premise that:

  • CO2 causes warming
  • CO2 will lead to runaway warming
  • CO2 is bad
  • Your breath is bad
  • You are guilty and must pay the Jew to go breathing

Once the Jew gets you to agree that you are guilty for existing, then you have agreed to your own death.  The Jew cares not if any of his lies are real or factually correct, the Jew only does what they parasite can do, that is feed on the body of the whole, doing nothing but creating chaos, mayhem, and death with his lies.


If you think any of my rhetoric is extreme this is because you have a sheeple mind, you don’t mind if other sheep are picked off by the Jew wolf, you are not fair in your assessment of the Jew because your mind is unable to grasp what the Jew is doing.  Global Warming isn’t even real, everyone north of 32 degrees is now freezing their asses off.  The problem is not with us, the real problem is with the Jew.

global warming solution - kill the politicians

If you want to live then you better get your head out of your ass and start seeing what is really going on and start doing something about your own survival.  The Jew has no plan on keeping you alive, you are just another thing he is using to achieve god like status. 

The Jew parasite sold us global warming to screw us out of our hard earned wages on his slave ranch of fiat money, when he got caught he changed the meme to ‘Climate Change’, another meaningless meme to confuse you.

So what are you going to do about it?  Well first have a whiskey drink on me to warm your frozen ass and heart and let out a whoop, yell, FUCK YOU AL GORE!  Then get out your guns and go hunting Jews.

have a drink on yukon


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