Record CO2 and Record Antarctic Sea Ice, What Gives?

record sea ice as co2 goes above 400 ppm

According to The Australian:

“Satellite observations show a new daily record being set for ­Antarctic sea ice every day for the past two weeks. Annual records have also been broken every year for the past three years.

Rob Wooding, general manager of the Australian Antarctic Division’s Operations Branch, said expanding sea ice was now causing serious problems.”

record antarctic sea ice may 2015

Al Gore would have you to believe that Carbon Dioxide causes Global Warming, but how can that be when CO2 levels are making new post industrial record highs, yet sea ice is greater than ever?   The hypothesis of CO2 driven warming doesn’t match the observation, one idea must be wrong, which one?


Facts do not match the theory, could Al Gore be wrong? Could the theory that CO2 drives warming be wrong?  In 2008, Senator Gore claimed the poles would be free of ice in 5 years, yet seven years later with CO2 above 400 ppm sea ice is the greatest extent observed yet.  How could Al Gore be so wrong?


Super accurate temperature measurements of earth show clearly that there is no runaway warming for 18 years and 5 months.  The global warming caused by CO2 hypothesis must be rejected or our culture is provably insane.  Governments get their power over us via the lie, they tell huge lies in order to control us.  We should reject the political policies of pathological lying elites, we should not listen to them, instead we should jail Al Gore and his handlers.

no global warming for 18 years 5 months al gore is wrong

Al Gore put the cart before the horse, in his ‘Inconvenient Truth’ Movie he asserted that CO2 drives warming based on ice core data.  But he was wrong, C02 lags warming by 800-2000 years.  CO2 is not a driver, it is a responder.  The very basis of the CO2 as the primary global warming gas is wrong.


Furthermore, CO2 levels near 400 ppm (part per million) are still near all time record low levels for all of Earth’s 4.62 billion year history.   Much higher CO2 levels would be normal, so the threat of suffocating from a minor increase of 100 ppm for the last century is hardly a problem.

man made co2 is insignificant

co2-over-geological-time STILL AT LOW LEVELS YUKON JACK

The earth is in an extended cold period, for the last 2.5 million years earth has been locked in an Ice Age, currently we are still in the tail end of the Holocene, the interglacial temperature reconstruction shows a clear downtrend since the maxima 8,000 years ago.

holocene temperature sloping downward after maximum 8,000 years ago

Al Gore is wrong, he is politician telling the lies of his masters, the Jewish globalists who wish to enslave us under the banner of saving us from runaway carbon dioxide and global warming.  Al Gore is no scientist, he is part of an elite group of wealthy parasites trying to rip off the nation and the world with a political scam.  He should be prosecuted for fraud and made to pay restitution for his crimes of state.

Al Gore deserves no mercy, he is a criminal, lampooning Al Gore is in order.





2 thoughts on “Record CO2 and Record Antarctic Sea Ice, What Gives?

  1. This was a surprise, until the scientists started considering the localized hole in the ozone layer over the antarctic, and what effects this would have. You can always expect local variations — it is the weather, after all — but taken as a whole, ice is diminishing globally at an alarming rate. And it’s not true that there’s been no global warming over the last 18 years. The satellite data you show doesn’t just measure the temperature of the troposphere but mixes in that of the stratosphere as well, which has been cooling. Basically, it’s mixing the temperatures inside and outside the greenhouse. It’s also not quite as “super accurate” as you claim, suffering from calibration and other issues. Temperatures measured at the surface are in strong agreement: The last 16 years, plus 1998, have been the hottest years on record, with 2016, 2015 and 2014 topping the list, in that order. Global mean temperatures now are hotter than they’ve been for about 120,000 years.

  2. Science is the search for truth. It’s all about disagreement and who can produce the best explanations for what is observed. Any climate scientist is free to disagree with the theory of global warming and it being caused by carbon-dioxide, but he/she has to present an explanation that fits better with ALL the observed data if he wishes to change the consensus of the scientific community. The vast majority of the scientific community agree that the climate is changing due to increased carbon dioxide.

    It’s good to look at data like increasing Antarctic sea ice and ask if it fits with the theory of global warming.

    First, I’d like to point out that sea ice is only expanding in the Antarctic. It’s decreasing in the Arctic. But, other things are happening in the Antarctic as well. The rate at which the ice sheets melt and dump into the sea is also increasing. I’m not an expert in glaciology, but my hunch is that the sea ice is increasing because the ice sheets on the Antarctic continent itself are melting more quickly and dumping more ice into the surrounding ocean. Alternatively, fresh water is less dense and freezes at a higher temperature than salt water so it COULD be that the melt water from the ice sheets is refreezing on the surface of the ocean.

    With regards to changing global temperatures. The surface is warming at an astonishing rate, but the temperature in the stratosphere (about 12-25km above the surface) the temperatures are cooling. This IS the greenhouse effect. More of the heat that was warming the stratosphere in the past is being trapped at the surface.

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