Mystery Sun


Solar Cycle 24, the cycle we are currently in, is slowly tapering off and will bottom in a few years to as far out as a decade.  At the bottom of the cycle, solar activity will begin again (hopefully) and Solar Cycle 25 will begin its upswing.  The peak of SC25 will be of much speculation, because the sun is still a mystery, especially to NASA.

solar cycle 25 a complete mystery until it begins

NASA and other government officials would like you believe they know, but they do not know anymore that the Egyptian priest who thought the sun a solar disc.  We like to believe we have so much more knowledge than civilization in antiquity which did blood sacrifices to the sun.

Still, to this day, the Pope and all of his priests celebrate the Catholic Mass by holding up the solar disc.  A large part of the world still worships the sun in Egyptian mystery rituals, we like to think we know so much, that we are so advanced, but the media still pushes the Global Warming by CO2 hoax and Popes still wear holy robes holding up solar discs.

pope holding up solar disc host

Let’s review NASA’s performance regarding it’s predictions concerning Solar Cycle 24.  I present two graphics illustrating how the top scientists at NASA changed the projection of the cycle before and during the current cycle.


As you can see, they don’t have it down yet, they don’t have a computer model that works, sorta like Global Warming predictions.  What they think that might happen varies greatly from what actually happens.  In this next busy graphic we see wild varying amplitudes and start dates:

GW Sunspot Predictions2

So when will Solar Cycle 25 begin?  No one knows for sure, guesses start at the end of this decade, but equally good probability is a later start, around the year 2026 based on the Atwill green corona diagram:

atwill green corona diagram showing possible projection of solar cycle 24-25 minima

Forget Global Warming, it’s a lie, you should be worried about Global Cooling especially if SC25 fails to materialize, which a few solar scientists say is possible, citing the Maunder Minimum.  Every once in a while, the solar elevator that brings the magnetic field lines and sunspots to the surface fails and we go cold, as solar output off very slightly during spotless years.


In fact the earth has been cooling for the last 65 million years and nobody knows why.  The Ice Ages has been with us for the last 2.5 million years, and we are at the tail end of the interglacial, the Holocene.  Take note, Al Gore be damned, the earth could be facing catastrophic cold and ice in our lifetime.  The next graphic is semi-log yearly scale on the horizontal x-axis for the last 500 million years:

earth temperature chart last 500 million years

So where are we in the big scheme of earth temperatures historically?  We could be at the very end of the Holocene, the interglacial, and the earth could be at the precipice of falling back into the cold period.

holocene temperature chart shows that we are near the end of the interglacial

Forget the Global Warming hype, it’s a criminal scheme of power mad Jews, it’s a scam to steal your money and demonize humanity based on Carbon Dioxide emissions.  It’s a lie, CO2 doesn’t warm the earth.  Think sun, always remember think about the sun as the controller of earth temperature.

cutting hearts out to insure the suns return makes about as much sense as global warming



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