Sunflowers on the Sun

sunflowers on the sun

Have you ever noticed that sunspots can look remarkably similar to sunflowers?  This seems more than coincidental t because sunflowers grow in bright sunlight (compared to woodland flowers) and sunflowers exhibit heliotropism and track the sun.


In this short video, sunspots form, coagulate, and move from left to right across the sun’s surface.


Why does a sunflower change it’s direction toward the sunlight?


The mind-blowing mathematics of sunflowers:

Galileo trained his new telescopic device on the sun and discovered sunspots, this blew his mind.  Not only did the sun have imperfections, the sunspots were moving.  How could this be?  The sun was thought to be a disc on the heavenly sphere, rotating around the fixed earth, perfect as God designed it.  How could the perfect sun have spots?  How could those spots be moving?


Galileo soon realized that the moving sunspots meant the sun was rotating, it was no disc, but a sphere.  Creation was imperfect and subject to change.  He also proved that the perfect planets had elliptical orbits, around the sun, not the earth as everyone believed at that time.  These outstanding discoveries blew his worldview paradigm taught by the Church.  Soon he was in trouble and the rest is history.

It turns out these spots on the sun are very important to what is happening on earth.  We now know that sunspots are directly related to sun activity and output and thus the weather on earth.  Low sunspots correlate with mini Ice Ages.   What will sunspot activity be like when the earth slides back into the glacial period?


The likeness of the sunflower to sun phenomenon seems improbable.


How could the sunflower stamen shape be so like the curvature of a solar flare?  If we reverse the sunspot sunflower analogy, does the sun go through a flowering phase, like plants do, is the sunspot a portal into the sun’s interior?


Is sunlight patterning life on earth?  Are the photons of light transferring information to DNA on earth?

is sunlight patterning life on earth



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