Our Future with Hemp and Coal


If anyone wants to know how words and concepts can kill, especially with Jews in control of the mass media, look no further than how the Global Warming meme is being used to shut down the coal industry by Obama.  There is only one word for this, genocide, Obama is committing long term genocide on the American people based on the unproven Global Warming meme.

Murray Energy Corp. Chief Executive Officer Robert Murray has accused the Obama administration of being “intent on destroying coal and our country for their bizarre personal and political ends.”

Coal is pure carbon and has been demonized by this insane push to stop CO2 emissions because of the belief that increasing CO2 will lead to runaway Global Warming.  The belief is a belief, and thus it is not true, temperature data does not confirm this hypothesis and science does not show that CO2 controls earth temperatures.

co2 causality not established chart

Causality has never been established, CO2 as the driver to temperature is a claim of anxious politicians eager to get a global carbon tax.  Carbon Dioxide is so diffuse in the atmosphere it is hard to even fathom that it could be a driver, CO2 is a trace gas and man made Co2 only 1% of that.

co2 trace gas chart not a temperature driver

CO2 is in equilibrium with the atmosphere, it’s concentration is constantly changing with temperature and pressure, and since pressure is nearly constant, atmospheric temp is what causes CO2 concentration fluctuations.  CO2 follows temperature, whatever the sun and orbits do to earth temp, CO2 follows, it does not force.


This idea of CO2 causality is just wrong.  Trace gases don’t control earth temperature, the entire Global Warming by CO2 meme is dead wrong, it was pushed on us by the Jew controlled media, and we know that Jews are lying criminals who spent billions of dollars brainwashing the public.


CO2 molecules are so rare these days that if CO2 concentration went much lower then plants would die!  Marijuana, a good plant grows better with increased CO2 concentrations.  CO2 is a good gas, if CO2 is below 200ppm then pot won’t grow.  Increased atmospheric CO2 levels will increase yields, increasing CO2 means more green.

Hemp pant

So if you love marijuana, burn more coal and pump the atmosphere with more CO2.  It isn’t harmful and the earth is at geologic extreme low levels of CO2, and all of that coal carbon used to be in the air.

co2-levels-over-time humans completing carbon cycle

Humans are simply completing a long term carbon cycle by releasing the buried carbon molecules back into the environment.  Plants put down billions of tons of coal in the Carboniferous Era, a time before dinosaurs and bacteria that could eat wood pulp.  Plant debris piled up and formed coal deposits, all that plant matter formed from atmospheric CO2, we are simply putting it back in the air, and it will not go up forever, it will stabilize as the earth consumes CO2 like food.

Commercial hemp, Darlingford, Manitoba, Canada.

The real science and the real evidence shows we are going the other way, into global cooling, even possible runaway global cooling of a little Ice Age morphing into a big Ice Age.  Global Warming meme is an epic fail, temperature data refuses to conform to the computer models.


Is is a surprise that reality is exactly the opposite of the political claims based on junk science?  Evil Globalists Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are lying whores of Jewish money power.  They are lying criminals who make laws harming the peoples of the United States.   How much more abuse can America take before we rid ourselves of the Federal parasite?

carbon_emissions not bad at all

America’s future is in burning coal, millions of tons of it, and to think that shutting it down is such a great idea is proof that the political class in America is completely insane.  Politicians are criminals, they need to be immediately killed before they do any more damage.  Their policies will lead to genocide, killing them will save millions of lives.

If coal is so bad why is Congress heated by it?  Yes, it is true, the 535 buffoons in the Congressional building have their sorry asses heated by coal.  Yeah, Congress, our elected whores, full of shit as usual.

if coal is so bad then shut down the capitol power plant and freeze the asses of our elected whores

Hemp production will use up the excess CO2, hemp loves carbon dioxide.  America’s future is in endless fields of hemp, growing coast to coast, a new economy based on this wonderful plant.


Our future lies with hemp production and coal burning, don’t be fooled by the criminal political class.

yukon-jack-logo-HEMP AND coal-is-americas-future


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