Bitter Cold and Snow is Engulfing the North American Continent and UK


Global Warming is a 100% hoax – there is no evidence of this “theory”.  The claim that our children would not know snow is a wild eyed projection of government funded theorists high on Fed crack money.  It is bitter cold across much of the United States and the snow is piling up.  NO GLOBAL WARMING at all because it was a big fat Jew lie.

jewish deception for global hegemony driving global-warming-conspiracy

The evidence of cold is right in front of your eyes.  Middle of November is getting January temps and snow.

bitter cold engulfing the usa november 20th 2015

snow cover ussa 20 nov 2015

This winter will end the Global Warming delusion – the last remainders of the American people who haven’t caught on that the mainstream news is total bullshit will realize in their frozen consciousness that the government lies about everything.  A deep dark depression about this government is slowly sinking in.   We are rule by lying psychopaths and we are in trouble.


The President is shutting down coal fired electrical plants based on a hoax.  This is deadly.  This WILL result in people dying as the mini-ice age sets in.  Think people think. The reason reality doesn’t match the propaganda is because Nature doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the bullshit theories of the Jewish liars.

people freeze to death while billions spent on global warming hoax

Over 2 billion dollars have been wasted trying to prove a theory that can never be proved for the simple fact CO2 is not causal.  Jews think they can write a computer model and force warming.  The Jew is loony.  No amount of money can be spent to “prove” warming by CO2 because there is no link between the two.

epic fail of global warming computer model predictions

In the meantime, the fake President Obama is a dangerous deception, he is an imposter working for someone else.  He is signing executive orders to end your life based on a flawed theory.  He should be immediately arrested and removed from office before he destroys us and all the laws he signed should be revoked upon removal from office.



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