Insane Canadian Government War on Woodstoves

canada deep freeze 1-14-2016


Off-Gridders Threatened: Get Rid Of Your Wood Stove Or Face Thousands Of Dollars In Fines

“Montreal residents that burn wood for heat must register their stoves and by October 2018, must replace them with newer models or face thousands of dollars in fines.

The registration is part of an effort to ban most wood-burnings heaters in Canada’s second largest city.”


What is the basis of this fascist agenda against burning wood?  Isn’t Canada freezing cold and covered with trees in a sparsely populated land?  California (38.8 million) has more people than all of Canada (35.2 million) and allows wood stoves, so what gives in the land up north that has an 25 times the land area ?


Evil Zionist Jews and their minions can’t stand free people who supply their own energy.  Jews hate freedom and Canada has become batshit insane from Jewish control.  Just one forest fire puts out more heat and smoke than all the wood stoves burning in an entire year!  The claim that wood stoves are environmentally dangerous is BULLSHIT!

A typical Canadian forest fire puts out much more heat and smoke than all the woodstoves in a year

It doesn’t matter if you slowly rot wood over a hundred years or burn it within an hour, the laws of conservation of energy of matter say that the products of combustion are exactly the same molecules and the exactly same heat release.  Slow or fast combustion of cellulose yields identical results down to the molecule.

combustion of wood yields the same energy as rotting

That’s right folks, burning wood doesn’t add any additional heat to the environment and burning a few logs in a wood stove doesn’t heat the atmosphere and cause global warming, wood is stored solar energy that rots all the time or burns up in forest fires – whatever humans with wood is doing doesn’t matter at all.


But the greedy Jew doesn’t like your freedom, he must demonize your existence so he creates bullshit stories of Eve eating an apple and bringing sin into the world and when that story stops working he tells you that burning wood is bad for the environment.  That is completely impossible – trees are stored solar energy, burning them to keep warm is not going to change the planet thermodynamics.


The anti-wood stove agenda is not about the environment or saving the planet – it is about control – the Jew wants to control you and make you a slave – he does this based on his religious text.  The Jew is waging an all out war on your very being and right to exist.  You should listen to Yukon and not the Jew, you should join me in my crusade in destroying the Jew forever and removing them from this planet.

Really, the Jew not only wants you to freeze to death on a cold and snowy planet, but what the Jew wants your total surrender and to own your very soul.  The solution to the Global Warming problem is the elimination of the source of Global Bullshitting problem – the Jew.  Burning wood is not a problem – the Jew is the problem.



One thought on “Insane Canadian Government War on Woodstoves

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