Global Freezing Your Ass Off 2017


(Note:  this is a chapter in my new free eBook “Global Warming for Dummies”)

We are in an Ice Age, we are in a very temporary interglacial period, the earth is locked in a many million years old period of global cooling and Carbon Dioxide doesn’t warm the atmosphere as claimed.  All this talk about Global Warming is total fiction, it is a form of cultural insanity, the last post El Nino data coming in shows a new plunge in global temperatures.  The Sun is powering down, we could easily be starting a mini Ice Age right now!


The real threat is Global Freezing, the earth is already thousands of years overdue for a new Ice Age.  Global Warming hysteria could very well have been probably the last warming before the plunge into a new Ice Age.  We are 10,000 years into the interglacial, the Holocene could be ending, and when it eventually ends, the global temps could drop like a rock.  All we need for confirmation is a new low in global temps below the Little Ice Age cyclical low.


The world is plunging into a new mini ice age while the fools in the District of Criminals try to sell us the Global Warming or as now as they call it – “climate change” and push their global carbon tax scheme.  There is no global warming, there has always been climate change and now we are sliding into a grand solar minimum where sunspots all but disappear and the sun goes relatively cold. Ice is on the way, this summer will be short, and another brutal winter will descend upon us early. Welcome to reality, the new age of ice is on the way.  Global Warming is a total and epic fail.


At no point in history has the world been this delusional, except maybe in the age of faith where women were burned as witches.  The IPCC has been caught cherry picking the data, the hockey stick temperature spike exposed as fraud, Al Gore exposed as a damn liar.  Global Warming is more than just a hoax and a crime, it is the collapse of scientific methodlogy as media and money grubbing whores say anything for their hidden master’s agenda.


In this essay I will present overwhelming evidence and graphics about what is really going on, those parroting the global warming meme do not understand the real science behind global temperature changes, temperature is not going up, ice cap area is not decreasing, CO2 is not causing warming, man made CO2 is not a factor.  We are at the end of the Holocene and the Sun has changed!

The CO2 Myth

The main premise of Anthropocentric Global Warming that atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) forces temperature is patently and easily shown to be false.   Why this myth persists is because the Jew owned media repeats the lie over and over, CO2 as a driver to warming is pure propaganda.  CO2 is just like the Holocaust, both are huge media generated hoaxes, they even demonize Global Warming skeptics of being like Holocaust deniers.


The earth has trillions of tons of CO2 dissolved in sea water and even more absorbed in rocks, the amount in the sky is miniscule and changes when the temperature of sea water changes.  Cold water dissolves more gas than warm water, so just as a can of soda pop on a hot summer day, that loses its fizz when opened, CO2 in seawater comes out of solution and increases the concentration of atmospheric CO2.  Temperature drives CO2 concentrations historically, CO2 is NOT causal, and during ancient earth epochs CO2 was usually around 3,000 ppm.


CO2 only responds to temperature changes.  Once you fully grasp that CO2 is trace gas and man made CO2 a tiny 1-3% of that, then you might wonder why all the hoopla about CO2.  Man made global warming gases are about a tenth of one percent, so small as to be negligible and unmeasurable.


Then we have the outright fraud of not including the primary warming gas of water vapor in television discussions on the Jewtube.  Water is 96% and not even mentioned.  Who lies like this?  Jews.  That is all they do is lie, lie, and lie.  The Jew and the lie are one in the same!  Everything on the tube is a Jew lie,.and global warming is just one of the many Jew lies being used to brainwash the public.


The big CO2 scare is about pushing the agenda of global governance and a carbon tax, it is not about real science, in fact real science has been pushed aside and made into a mockery.  The so-called New World Order, the drive for a one world government run and owned by Jews is a criminal scheme of Talmudic dominance, and their primary means of enslavement is by selling the Big Lie, telling whooping ass lies and then basing public policy on these media lies.

(Note:  click on graphics to see larger and more detailed version)


Recent examples are the Sandy Hook Hoax, the Boston Bombing Hoax, the 911 Trade Tower Hoax, the Holocaust Hoax, the Bay of Tonkin attack Hoax.  Jews are liars, they always lie.  They lie, lie, lie and even take a Kol Nidre Oath at the beginning of the year promising to lie to the goyim.  If you believe anything being promoted by the main stream media then you are a damn fool.  The networks are owned by Supremacist Jews promoting their criminal profit making agendas.  Lying is what they do, that is all they do.



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