Did Low CO2 Levels Cause Megafauna Extinctions?



Carbon Dioxide has been steadily falling for the past 60 million years, during the last 2 million years, during the glacial periods, CO2 has been so low that it could have driven the Pleistocene megafauna extinctions, when CO2 descends to the critical level of 200 ppm, plants stop growing, at 140 ppm plants die. In the last Ice Age, agriculture was impossible not just because it was so cold and dry, but because CO2 levels were so low that they stayed below 200 ppm for tens of thousands of years.  Only during the Holocene, when CO2 shot up from warming ocean water temps did men start to farm.


The concern of runaway global warming is a grand delusion of scientists chasing grant money doled out from supremacist Talmudic Globalist Jewish banksters eager to establish world government funded by carbon taxes.  CO2 doesn’t warm the atmosphere as claimed, it is of minor effect, the real concern should be food supply and population management as Ice Age conditions render farming impossible in northern climes and force human mass migrations.  Hola Amigos.


New data points to sudden change to ice age conditions, the first early signs of a little ice age, besides a measurable temperature drop, is crop failures.  Those areas in short growing seasons will be the canary in the coal mine.  NASA will collect mass amounts of data on the next one and then we will have a record of exactly how one starts.  Many are saying that we are already in a new little Ice Age.

extended ice age cold creates megafauna survival crisis

All of modern civilization was made only possible because temperatures warmed and oceans released CO2.  Not because the ice melted, but because CO2 reached sufficient concentration to allow agriculture.  During the Ice Age, CO2 was so low, below 200 ppm, the level at which trees quit growing.  At some points CO2 got all the way down to 140 at which plants die.  These extreme low levels of CO2 could have driven mass extinctions and forced migrations.

co2 critical levels for plant growth

The next chart adapted from NoTricksZone illustrates the extreme low CO2 levels:

400 ppm co2 levels are very low

From a historical perspective, an atmospheric CO2 concentration of 400 ppm is actually almost scraping the bottom of the barrel. Over the Earth’s history, atmospheric CO2 concentrations have ranged from 180 ppm to 7000 ppm, … On that scale we are in fact today barely above the Earth’s record lows.

As the Pleistocene progressed, CO2 levels fell and dust storms dominated the age of ice.  You could not farm in North America 20,000 years ago because CO2 was much to low for plant grow, so low that trees probably were dying out.  The bread baskets of the world were barren wastelands.


The earth is locked in an ice age era and CO2 levels have been driven lower and lower by the extended period of cold.  Cold water absorbs CO2, the earth’s oceans act as a giant CO2 sink, scrubbing the atmosphere of CO2 to the point of plant and animal die offs.  The current CO2 hysteria is not grounded by reality, plentiful atmospheric CO2 is necessary for human survival.


In the next chart, specially prepared from an article posted on Watts Up With That, I flipped the chart so that you can see that as the Pleistocene progressed, as the temperatures stayed low, CO2 was sequestered from the atmosphere and back into ocean solution, rendering the atmospheric CO2 levels at critical levels, plants and animals died out.  The Neanderthal extinction may have been driven by low CO2 levels, so low that whole forests died, plants were in a coma period, barely surviving.  As a result, hominid species competed for dwindling food by migrating to food remaining areas.

Ice Age Survival – Threading The Genetic and Behavioral Bottleneck

co2 dust neanderthal extinction chart

All the hoopla directed toward Global Warming was wasted energy, caused by insane bipedal hominids with delusions of godly grandeur during a temporary warm period.  The Caesars named themselves gods during the Roman Warm Period, and the current insanity by Jews claiming divinity during the modern warm blip.  The Jewish driven global warming meme was the same damn anthropocentric delusion caused by runaway ego, the self chosen godly Jews claimed humans were changing the climate – but this was only a temporary egocentric belief caused by a warming blip.


The Late Pleistocene extinction event saw the extinction of many mammals weighing more than 40 kg.

  • In North America around 45 of 61 genera of large mammals became extinct.
  • In South America 58 of 71
  • In Australia 17 of 18
  • In Europe 21 of 37
  • In Asia 24 of 46
  • In Subsaharan Africa only 8 of 50


Were the megafauna extinctions driven by loss of habitat from critical CO2 levels?  The generally accepted thesis that human over hunting caused worldwide Pleistocene extinctions might only be partially correct, humans were forced to migrate and hunt because plants wouldn’t grow.  As soon as temperatures recovered, CO2 went up and humans went back to farming.


I think it is doubtful that sparsely populated nomadic clans hunted megafauna to extinction.  There could be another explanation, that the earth was CO2 starved and plants were dying out from exceptionally low Carbon Dioxide levels.  Genocide is a mental instability of Abrahamic indoctrinated anti-nature supremacists, the natives around the world had no such language or practice of genocide, in fact all the aborigines around the world were quite in balance with animal populations until those infected with Bible memes showed up.  Human caused megafauna extinction appears to me to be a prejudice of the Judeo-Christian genocidal culture.

pleistocene_park BEING RE-ESTABLISHED


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