Climate Change is the New Jew Religion

is climate change a jew scam

Climate Change is the new Jewish religion based on the template of the Bible story. You are being told by the Jewish owned media that Global Warming/Climate Change/Climate Disruption is imminent (just like the Jesus return myth); that you must repent and stop using fossil fuels/electricity (just like sin) or face an unlivable hotter earth caused by CO2 forced runaway warming (just like hell).

earth is hell under mythological control

Are we at the end of the debt cycle and are the Jew bankers in desperate need of a new scam to prop up their dead horse of ever expanding credit that has reached saturation point?  Yes, these desperate Torah weilding Talmudic desperados, who view us as cattle and as figures on a balance sheet, are in desperate need of new taxes to prop up their failed slave system.   Their banking marble game is coming up short, they need to demonize us, make us feel guilty for breathing just like the Church did with their guilt tripping, condemning us with original sin for being born.


The meme of Climate Change is meaningless in itself because the climate is always changing with or without human factors.  The reason why the media changed the Global Warming meme was because the warming predictions didn’t pan out, but they had invested billions of media dollars brainwashing the public, so they changed the label to Climate Change and now they’ve re-branded it again and they are calling it Climate Disruption!

climate disruption the new meme

It should be obvious to even the dumbest of the dumbest that something is going terribly wrong with the global warming by CO2 theory, most of the United States is in a deathly freeze even as CO2 levels blasted through the 400 ppm without any negative side effects except exceptional plant growth.

jews are stupid controllers they should tax for using co2

Even with the massive greenhouse gas output that failed to warm (as if warming is a negative in an Ice Age!), a few scientists have noted the greening of planet earth from the slight rise of CO2 over the past century.  As it turns out, the flora of earth was in starvation conditions and the 100 ppm increase gave plants a new breath of life.  Satellite surveys now show a 17% increase of greenery on Gaia.  Earth is greening from CO2, the Jew was wrong and stupid, the tax obsessed Jewish controllers should be charging growers for CO2 since it is just like fertilizer that increases plant yields.


In this excellent video, which is worth watching, the author explains the Climate Change scam perfectly.

Global Warming is Catholic Religion (In Disguise) – Climate Change SCAM, HOAX!

In this next cartoon video, the Global Warming by CO2 and CH4 (Methane) warming gas hoax explained:

You can’t make this stuff up.  The chosen ones are completely wrong about CO2.  They got the life gas Carbon Dioxide exactly wrong, which is not surprising since the Jew frequency is the exact opposite of the truth frequency.  The strategy of demonizing CO2 has backfired and now the Jew is even more desperate and may start WW3 to keep his power.


Everything the Jew does is destructive, they worship an evil god and do evil things to everyone outside of their tribe because they have this exclusive psychology, they think god chose them and then gave themselves permission to rule over all others.  The results of the Jew controlled world are on the front page of the news: endless war, disease, and suffering.  The state run by Jews is insane, listing CO2 as a pollutant when it is a life gas.  They even made a religion out of demonizing our breath.



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