Al Gore’s Latest Spin

Unillumined stooge Al Gore is now demanding 15 trillion godzillion Jew bucks to fight climate change to further the globalist warming agenda of complete enslavement of the earth’s human population to billionaire elite.  Make no mistake in understanding the real politic here:  the billionaire industrial owners are distracting the public with the Climate Change or Global Warming memes while they continue to pollute and pillage the planet and enslaving you at the same time.

The truth is that Climate Change is political propaganda to keep you distracted while the planet suffers from specie dieoff, pesticides, herbicides, Texas size plastic flotillas, habitat encroachment and basically 7.5 billion hominids that are crowding the planet for the other 8.7 million species on planet earth.  As we live through the Sixth Great Extinction, the Anunnaki bloodlines of the elite keep you completely distracted with a false narrative of global warming/climate change which are not even environmental factors.


Global Warming is an elite produced scam to keep you confused about reality of environmental damage caused by them and their evil factories and capital ownership of everything.  Understand that the capital economic system of Jewish elites is a scam – the enslavement of you and all things by the process of fractional reserve banking and the monetization of stuff – including you and all the earth.  The earth has been fenced, paved, and debt time stamped – things like rocks and trees have been monetized so that wealthy can own Nature.  The only way to stop this destruction of Nature is to reject Abrahamism and round up all the supremacist Jews and burn their holy books.


There is no runaway global warming from excess CO2 as Mike Adams explicitly shows the deceit in this next video.  (These exact same ideas are posted repeatedly in this blog – just scroll down until you see the same charts – the media is creating the illusion that CO2 is high when it is near historic geologic lows.)  CO2 is not a pollutant as claimed by the EPA, it is a life gas that you can not live without.

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Carbon Dioxide can soar to 420 ppm then to 500 ppm or to 1,000 or 2,000 ppm and it will not warm the atmosphere because CO2 does NOT force warming.  As CO2 keeps increasing it will do nothing!  The absorption effect of CO2 is in the first 20 ppm and reduces by an inverse logarithmic.  This chart is common knowledge to the scientific community but unknown to the Globalist whores like Al Gore.

Water vapor is the prime heat collector – not the trace CO2 gas as claimed by Al Gore.  Al Gore is a spoiled frat boy son of senator who doesn’t understand that CO2 concentrations in the air are not forcing temperature variations.  Human caused CO2 global warming is only about 0.117%, so low as not to be measurable.  As the Ice Age progresses the temperature will drop just like it has before when an interglacial ends.

Increasing CO2 will slow as lower ocean temperatures start absorbing more and more CO2.  The increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere will save us from the typical conditions of extremely low CO2 concentrations during the last ice age where levels dropped down to 140 ppm and plants stopped growing.


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