Northern Latitude Holocene Temperature Records Paint a Steady Cooling

Imagine my surprise seeing a new presentation of temperature records being published on WUTT site, being familiar with Holocene charts I was happy to see a new temperature profile for northern latitudes that matched my long held contention that temperatures have been steadily declining since the interglacial optimum 8,000 years ago.  The Holocene Temperature records for specific geographical locations paints a new picture of what is really going on – a steady cooling of earth temperatures since the “climate optimum” or highest Holocene temperatures when the last Ice Age warming occurred.

The above chart is shown in standard geological format with time moving right to left.  This is confusing to the mind because in western culture we always view time as moving right.  The above chart has been flipped horizontally for civilian viewing,  I put the present time (zero years Before Present 0 B.P. ) on the far right for you.  Note how ancient Rome 2,000 years ago was substantially warmer than now and that the modern warming blip is still relatively way below ancient Rome temperatures, a time period where most humans wore little to no clothes.

Now compare the charts above and below, the new chart shows a clear trend while the standard Holocene temperature chart below leaves the viewer with the impression that temperatures might be going up.  Many alarmists draw a red line to new highs making an impression that runaway Global Warming might heat up the earth to temperatures higher than the highest during the interglacial Holocene.

What global warming charlatans want you to believe is that temperatures are going to shoot up higher than the warmest phase of the interglacial.  That is completely impossible as the maximum is always achieved at the start of the interglacial, the real threat are plunging temperatures as the Milankovitch cycle turns.  The sun and orbital variations are well correlated to earth’s ice age cycles.

Alarmist want you to believe that temperatures are headed to new highs, but this is not the case, the post interglacial temperature maximum is showing a steady decline – especially on the 30-60 degree North latitude chart where almost the entire the industrial world resides.  In the near future the entire northern hemisphere is going to re-glaciate.  The obvious question is whether man’s industrial gas output is going to change or ameliorate the established down trend.  The answer is not a chance because carbon dioxide and methane are trace gases having little effect on the overall thermodynamics of the planet.

On longer term charts, like the standard 420,000 temperature profile (proxy obtained from carbon and oxygen isotope ratios trapped in ice) we see a very clear pattern that the entire global warming enthusiasts completely ignore.  What can you make out of the charts above and below?  That whatever makes for an interglacial doesn’t last long, that the interglacial is a very temporary period of warmth that last a few thousand years and which temperatures drift steadily lower until ice sheets grip the earth for long periods.  The fact is we are at the statistical end of the present interglacial.

The grand illusion of global warming theorists is CO2 causality to temperature.  They assert CO2 and CH4 as atmospheric temperature control gases.  This is not the case, water vapor is the primary greenhouse gas that they usually ignore from their discussion of overheating doom because it doesn’t fit their narrative.  The man made or anthropocentric contribution for all greenhouse gases is insignificant and not even measurable.  Man caused CO2 is only 0.117% – so small when rounded to the nearest integer it is zero.

On longer term charts temperature and CO2 are presented in a format implying causality, but this is not the case.  CO2 does not force temperature, it follows temperature lagging 800-2,000 years.  But you can not see this lag in this presentation because the time scales are too long.  The next graphic illustrates the alarmist fear projection, the apparent causality between CO2 and temperature is shown and the recent CO2 spike to 400 ppm, but temperature is NOT following the rise in CO2.

Shorter term timescales are necessary to illustrate the true relationship between CO2 and temperature.  CO2 follows earth’s changing temperatures and there is a lag caused by the time it takes for oceans to absorb or emit CO2 as the airborne and liquid phase of CO2 maintains equilibrium.  There is a gigantic amount of Carbon Dioxide dissolved in sea water, the colder the water the more it absorbs.  Deep ocean waters have 38 trillion of tons versus a measly 5 billion tonnes emitted by humans.  Take a few minutes to study the next two charts, the carbon exchange with sea water dwarfs factory output.  The ocean carbon dioxide absorption rate is far greater than man made CO2.

Anthropocentric output is miniscule compared to what the rest of the earth is doing.  We are not going to cook ourselves with higher CO2.   The other unmentioned myth of human’s suffocating from excessive CO2 is also nonsense.  As the atmospheric CO2 goes up its rate of absorption also goes up until an equilibrium is reached.  We can NOT over pump the atmosphere with Carbon Dioxide molecules because we are on a water planet that sucks up excessive CO2 like a sponge.  Deep ocean water is a gigantic CO2 sink and that is eventually turned into coral and limestone.

CO2 is a life gas along with Oxygen and water vapor.  We need CO2 to live and the EPA’s faulty definition naming CO2 as a pollutant is political not scientific.  The intentional malfeasance of the global warming theorists becomes readily apparent, they are intentionally misrepresenting the correlation between CO2 and temperature, they want you to believe CO2 is making temperatures go up, but this is not the case, CO2 follows and lags temperature.  Al Gore is not some hero, he is a political criminal that needs to hang for his crimes of intentionally misleading the public and enslaving them in a world government carbon tax scam.

Furthermore, all of the CO2 heating effect occurs in the first 20 ppm because of the inverse logarithmic effect on concentration.  So the scare mongering is baseless, CO2 levels could soar even from the current 400 ppm and the heating effect will be so miniscule as unnoticeable.  What this means is that CO2 levels will not stop the new ice age from advancing.  So the real threat is not global warming but global cooling and aridification of the continents.  During the glaciations the continent weather dramatically changes to cold and dry making farming nearly impossible in the world’s current bread basket farming regions.

The real upcoming crisis will be agricultural changes from encroaching ice age conditions.  During the last couple of ice ages plants stopped growing because CO2 got to scarce. In this cycle agricultural will have to shift south, if temperatures drop below the last little ice age and glaciers start forming then much of the northern climes above 50 degrees North Latitude will have to move south.  Think about this, all of Canada must move south during the glaciation phase.

Don’t be fooled by the global warming hype.  We have a crisis alright, science has been corrupted by those chasing public grant money.  Don’t be suckered by the runaway warming meme, temperatures and ocean levels have already reached maximum for the current cycle and now we are facing dramatic cooler climates and all the associated problems with a new ice age.  Anyone with a thinking brain should be able to figure out that politicians always lie and any moral person should be skeptical of the Globalist plans for world domination.


One thought on “Northern Latitude Holocene Temperature Records Paint a Steady Cooling

  1. Your first temperature chart ends in 1850 – before the current rapid warming spike.
    You either deliberately lied about the chart or you are too stupid to realise that it ends in 1850.
    Either way I didn’t bother with the rest of your BS after that.

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