Rising Sea Level Myth

Global Warming causing melting ice caps and putting many cities at risk of flooding is a great hoax.  If you want proof that this is just another Wall Street money making scam look no further to real estate prices in New York City, a town chock full of Jews who are the very ones pushing the scam.  Until recently, more Jews lived in NYC than anywhere else, so why would real estate be at record highs if Jews are the most shrewdful investors ever?

Trump’s son-in-law just paid record amount of Jew bucks for 666 Fifth Ave and has just released plans to upgrade the property in the shape of a giant penis.  Does this sound like an investor worried about global warming and sea level flooding?   If any of these global flooding plans were real then you’d be see the Jew rats fleeing Manhattan like the sinking Titanic. But they are not, because they are the ones working the scam, Jews are working the public over with wild claims and doing exactly the opposite.

Jared Kushner is building a skyscraper and, well, it looks like a dick

Jared Kushner is erecting a huge dildo at 666 5th Ave.

Jared Kushner Is Building a New Skyscraper in New York and, TBH, It Looks Like a Penis

Sea levels have already reached interglacial levels, so there is zero risk of any flooding.  That’s right, they know the truth, sea levels have already reached maximum for this interglacial cycle.  When the last Ice Age terminated there was 10,000 years of melt, and oceans went up 120 meters.  This was recorded in ancient literature as the flood.  It didn’t happen the way the Bible said, it took a very long time and all of the civilizations at sea level were flooded.  The current rage in modern archeology is underwater investigations of those places flooded in antiquity.

CO2 has no effect on sea levels, CO2 responds to climate change just like sea levels, it follows temperature.  In the next chart study the bottom Sea Level curve, oceans go up and down, and take a good look at the peaks, for the last 400,000+ years sea levels reach the same maximum, it has absolutely nothing to do with CO2.  Causality between CO2 and sea levels is not established, they are both following temperature which is caused by something else, which is most likely orbital variations and solar output.

Sea level is correlated to solar output.  That makes sense, temperature on earth is controlled by the sun and not by a trace gas in the atmosphere.  Anthropocentric CO2 output is about 1% of a trace gas so it should not be expected as causal.

If we read David Archibald, Ice Ages and Sea Level, an alarming chart is presented showing that the next increase in ice will be deeper than the Eemian interglacial.

“Northern Hemisphere ice volume (IS SHOWN) for the last 200,000 years and a projection for the next 130,000 years. According to these calculations, the Earth is at the beginning of a 20,000 year plunge into the next ice age.”

That means the Global Warming theorists are totally wrong, flooding of low lying areas is not the problem but ice volume is going to rapidly increase and thus cause sea levels to drop.  Likewise CO2 will drop along with ocean levels as ice builds up and oceans cool.  That means Jared Kushner’s giant penis will be frozen like a popsicle

If we take a look at the previous interglacial, called the Eemian, we can see the clear relationship of CO2 to temperature.  As temperature goes up, CO2 follows with a lag.  That is because the great CO2 sink is deep sea water which takes a long time to respond to atmospheric warming.  As the ocean slowly warms than CO2 is released into the atmosphere, always striving to maintain equilibrium based on pressure and temperature no different from a cold can of soda pop opened on a hot day.

Climate alarmists are misreading the data, they are under the spell of global warming not realizing that it is a scam created by Jewish bankers.  The game is to create a world carbon tax to fund the Jewish World Order.  Most of the Jew bankers live in New York City, the very place that is going to be destroyed by flooding.  If ocean levels went up only by a few feet then the hydraulic action the storm surge would wipe out the buildings in effected areas.  The next chart illustrates this faulty logic, because CO2 is higher now than anytime in the last 450,000 years the claim is that sea levels will go higher than the highest levels of the previous interglacials.


Sea levels fluctuate due to other causes as shown in the next chart.   The 200 millimeter rise of sea levels is not correlated to man made CO2, it is within the normal post glacial fluctuation band.  Remember sea levels went up 370 feet post glacial peak 18,000 years ago.  A foot is 300 millimeters, sea levels are fluctuating +/- 1 foot which is normal.

Sea levels have been fluctuating during the entire Holocene.  Those levels have nothing to do with atmospheric CO2 levels.  CO2 is not forcing sea levels up or down, that is completely ridiculous.  Climate alarmists like to present charts out of context.  The above chart shows sea level over a few hundred years but put in context of thousands of years we can clearly see that modern variations are within a narrow band.  Even this next chart has been skewed in favor of rising sea levels when compared to a more detailed chart.

What will happen over the next several thousand years is sea level drop leaving Manhattan high and dry with the coast line steadily receding.  The Mediterranean basin will dry up just like it did in the last ice age.  But what is the media telling you?  Exactly the opposite.




2 thoughts on “Rising Sea Level Myth

    1. So if I don’t believe in your myth of global warming and call the Jews out as liars you think that is psychosis? Global Warming caused by CO2 is mass delusion. I’m sane, Al Gore is criminally insane.

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