Rising Sea Level Myth

Global Warming causing melting ice caps and putting many cities at risk of flooding is a great hoax.  If you want proof that this is just another Wall Street money making scam look no further to real estate prices in New York City, a town chock full of Jews who are the very ones pushing the scam.  Until recently, more Jews lived in NYC than anywhere else, so why would real estate be at record highs if Jews are the most shrewdful investors ever?

Trump’s son-in-law just paid record amount of Jew bucks for 666 Fifth Ave and has just released plans to upgrade the property in the shape of a giant penis.  Does this sound like an investor worried about global warming and sea level flooding?   If any of these global flooding plans were real then you’d be see the Jew rats fleeing Manhattan like the sinking Titanic. But they are not, because they are the ones working the scam, Jews are working the public over with wild claims and doing exactly the opposite.

Jared Kushner is building a skyscraper and, well, it looks like a dick

Jared Kushner is erecting a huge dildo at 666 5th Ave.

Jared Kushner Is Building a New Skyscraper in New York and, TBH, It Looks Like a Penis

Sea levels have already reached interglacial levels, so there is zero risk of any flooding.  That’s right, they know the truth, sea levels have already reached maximum for this interglacial cycle.  When the last Ice Age terminated there was 10,000 years of melt, and oceans went up 120 meters.  This was recorded in ancient literature as the flood.  It didn’t happen the way the Bible said, it took a very long time and all of the civilizations at sea level were flooded.  The current rage in modern archeology is underwater investigations of those places flooded in antiquity.

CO2 has no effect on sea levels, CO2 responds to climate change just like sea levels, it follows temperature.  In the next chart study the bottom Sea Level curve, oceans go up and down, and take a good look at the peaks, for the last 400,000+ years sea levels reach the same maximum, it has absolutely nothing to do with CO2.  Causality between CO2 and sea levels is not established, they are both following temperature which is caused by something else, which is most likely orbital variations and solar output.

Sea level is correlated to solar output.  That makes sense, temperature on earth is controlled by the sun and not by a trace gas in the atmosphere.  Anthropocentric CO2 output is about 1% of a trace gas so it should not be expected as causal.

If we read David Archibald, Ice Ages and Sea Level, an alarming chart is presented showing that the next increase in ice will be deeper than the Eemian interglacial.

“Northern Hemisphere ice volume (IS SHOWN) for the last 200,000 years and a projection for the next 130,000 years. According to these calculations, the Earth is at the beginning of a 20,000 year plunge into the next ice age.”

That means the Global Warming theorists are totally wrong, flooding of low lying areas is not the problem but ice volume is going to rapidly increase and thus cause sea levels to drop.  Likewise CO2 will drop along with ocean levels as ice builds up and oceans cool.  That means Jared Kushner’s giant penis will be frozen like a popsicle

If we take a look at the previous interglacial, called the Eemian, we can see the clear relationship of CO2 to temperature.  As temperature goes up, CO2 follows with a lag.  That is because the great CO2 sink is deep sea water which takes a long time to respond to atmospheric warming.  As the ocean slowly warms than CO2 is released into the atmosphere, always striving to maintain equilibrium based on pressure and temperature no different from a cold can of soda pop opened on a hot day.

Climate alarmists are misreading the data, they are under the spell of global warming not realizing that it is a scam created by Jewish bankers.  The game is to create a world carbon tax to fund the Jewish World Order.  Most of the Jew bankers live in New York City, the very place that is going to be destroyed by flooding.  If ocean levels went up only by a few feet then the hydraulic action the storm surge would wipe out the buildings in effected areas.  The next chart illustrates this faulty logic, because CO2 is higher now than anytime in the last 450,000 years the claim is that sea levels will go higher than the highest levels of the previous interglacials.


Sea levels fluctuate due to other causes as shown in the next chart.   The 200 millimeter rise of sea levels is not correlated to man made CO2, it is within the normal post glacial fluctuation band.  Remember sea levels went up 370 feet post glacial peak 18,000 years ago.  A foot is 300 millimeters, sea levels are fluctuating +/- 1 foot which is normal.

Sea levels have been fluctuating during the entire Holocene.  Those levels have nothing to do with atmospheric CO2 levels.  CO2 is not forcing sea levels up or down, that is completely ridiculous.  Climate alarmists like to present charts out of context.  The above chart shows sea level over a few hundred years but put in context of thousands of years we can clearly see that modern variations are within a narrow band.  Even this next chart has been skewed in favor of rising sea levels when compared to a more detailed chart.

What will happen over the next several thousand years is sea level drop leaving Manhattan high and dry with the coast line steadily receding.  The Mediterranean basin will dry up just like it did in the last ice age.  But what is the media telling you?  Exactly the opposite.




Northern Latitude Holocene Temperature Records Paint a Steady Cooling

Imagine my surprise seeing a new presentation of temperature records being published on WUTT site, being familiar with Holocene charts I was happy to see a new temperature profile for northern latitudes that matched my long held contention that temperatures have been steadily declining since the interglacial optimum 8,000 years ago.  The Holocene Temperature records for specific geographical locations paints a new picture of what is really going on – a steady cooling of earth temperatures since the “climate optimum” or highest Holocene temperatures when the last Ice Age warming occurred.

The above chart is shown in standard geological format with time moving right to left.  This is confusing to the mind because in western culture we always view time as moving right.  The above chart has been flipped horizontally for civilian viewing,  I put the present time (zero years Before Present 0 B.P. ) on the far right for you.  Note how ancient Rome 2,000 years ago was substantially warmer than now and that the modern warming blip is still relatively way below ancient Rome temperatures, a time period where most humans wore little to no clothes.

Now compare the charts above and below, the new chart shows a clear trend while the standard Holocene temperature chart below leaves the viewer with the impression that temperatures might be going up.  Many alarmists draw a red line to new highs making an impression that runaway Global Warming might heat up the earth to temperatures higher than the highest during the interglacial Holocene.

What global warming charlatans want you to believe is that temperatures are going to shoot up higher than the warmest phase of the interglacial.  That is completely impossible as the maximum is always achieved at the start of the interglacial, the real threat are plunging temperatures as the Milankovitch cycle turns.  The sun and orbital variations are well correlated to earth’s ice age cycles.

Alarmist want you to believe that temperatures are headed to new highs, but this is not the case, the post interglacial temperature maximum is showing a steady decline – especially on the 30-60 degree North latitude chart where almost the entire the industrial world resides.  In the near future the entire northern hemisphere is going to re-glaciate.  The obvious question is whether man’s industrial gas output is going to change or ameliorate the established down trend.  The answer is not a chance because carbon dioxide and methane are trace gases having little effect on the overall thermodynamics of the planet.

On longer term charts, like the standard 420,000 temperature profile (proxy obtained from carbon and oxygen isotope ratios trapped in ice) we see a very clear pattern that the entire global warming enthusiasts completely ignore.  What can you make out of the charts above and below?  That whatever makes for an interglacial doesn’t last long, that the interglacial is a very temporary period of warmth that last a few thousand years and which temperatures drift steadily lower until ice sheets grip the earth for long periods.  The fact is we are at the statistical end of the present interglacial.

The grand illusion of global warming theorists is CO2 causality to temperature.  They assert CO2 and CH4 as atmospheric temperature control gases.  This is not the case, water vapor is the primary greenhouse gas that they usually ignore from their discussion of overheating doom because it doesn’t fit their narrative.  The man made or anthropocentric contribution for all greenhouse gases is insignificant and not even measurable.  Man caused CO2 is only 0.117% – so small when rounded to the nearest integer it is zero.

On longer term charts temperature and CO2 are presented in a format implying causality, but this is not the case.  CO2 does not force temperature, it follows temperature lagging 800-2,000 years.  But you can not see this lag in this presentation because the time scales are too long.  The next graphic illustrates the alarmist fear projection, the apparent causality between CO2 and temperature is shown and the recent CO2 spike to 400 ppm, but temperature is NOT following the rise in CO2.

Shorter term timescales are necessary to illustrate the true relationship between CO2 and temperature.  CO2 follows earth’s changing temperatures and there is a lag caused by the time it takes for oceans to absorb or emit CO2 as the airborne and liquid phase of CO2 maintains equilibrium.  There is a gigantic amount of Carbon Dioxide dissolved in sea water, the colder the water the more it absorbs.  Deep ocean waters have 38 trillion of tons versus a measly 5 billion tonnes emitted by humans.  Take a few minutes to study the next two charts, the carbon exchange with sea water dwarfs factory output.  The ocean carbon dioxide absorption rate is far greater than man made CO2.

Anthropocentric output is miniscule compared to what the rest of the earth is doing.  We are not going to cook ourselves with higher CO2.   The other unmentioned myth of human’s suffocating from excessive CO2 is also nonsense.  As the atmospheric CO2 goes up its rate of absorption also goes up until an equilibrium is reached.  We can NOT over pump the atmosphere with Carbon Dioxide molecules because we are on a water planet that sucks up excessive CO2 like a sponge.  Deep ocean water is a gigantic CO2 sink and that is eventually turned into coral and limestone.

CO2 is a life gas along with Oxygen and water vapor.  We need CO2 to live and the EPA’s faulty definition naming CO2 as a pollutant is political not scientific.  The intentional malfeasance of the global warming theorists becomes readily apparent, they are intentionally misrepresenting the correlation between CO2 and temperature, they want you to believe CO2 is making temperatures go up, but this is not the case, CO2 follows and lags temperature.  Al Gore is not some hero, he is a political criminal that needs to hang for his crimes of intentionally misleading the public and enslaving them in a world government carbon tax scam.

Furthermore, all of the CO2 heating effect occurs in the first 20 ppm because of the inverse logarithmic effect on concentration.  So the scare mongering is baseless, CO2 levels could soar even from the current 400 ppm and the heating effect will be so miniscule as unnoticeable.  What this means is that CO2 levels will not stop the new ice age from advancing.  So the real threat is not global warming but global cooling and aridification of the continents.  During the glaciations the continent weather dramatically changes to cold and dry making farming nearly impossible in the world’s current bread basket farming regions.

The real upcoming crisis will be agricultural changes from encroaching ice age conditions.  During the last couple of ice ages plants stopped growing because CO2 got to scarce. In this cycle agricultural will have to shift south, if temperatures drop below the last little ice age and glaciers start forming then much of the northern climes above 50 degrees North Latitude will have to move south.  Think about this, all of Canada must move south during the glaciation phase.

Don’t be fooled by the global warming hype.  We have a crisis alright, science has been corrupted by those chasing public grant money.  Don’t be suckered by the runaway warming meme, temperatures and ocean levels have already reached maximum for the current cycle and now we are facing dramatic cooler climates and all the associated problems with a new ice age.  Anyone with a thinking brain should be able to figure out that politicians always lie and any moral person should be skeptical of the Globalist plans for world domination.

Elon Musk Gets the CO2 Science Wrong

Elon Musk is selling high tech solar tiles for your home’s roof.  This is a great idea and I wish his company well and I might speculate that this product may become the his core industry while his SpaceX and Tesla autos languish from technology issues.  No doubt he’s an industrial genius and I agree with him that this is probably not the base reality concerning the simulated reality issue.  So with great admiration for Elon, I regret that as a blogger I must challenge his CO2 presentation in his climate video.  Here is his video as part of his pitch for his new solar tile product:

CO2 levels are not dangerously high like the climate alarmists claim.  They are still historically low and the real threat to human civilization is low CO2 levels during the cold dry Ice Age climate.  During the last glaciation CO2 levels got so low that many megafauna species died off from lack of food from low to no plant growth.  So how is CO2 dangerously high?  It isn’t!  CO2 is dangerously low because plants stopped growing in the last Ice Age.


New data points to sudden change to Ice Age conditions, the first early signs of a major cooling trend, besides a measurable temperature drop, is crop failures.  We are seeing that now.  Those areas in short farming seasons will be the canary in the coal mine. Many are saying that we are just starting a new Little Ice Age.  So how is that even possible if CO2 is dangerously high and forcing warming?  How is it that we can even have an Ice Age again?

All of modern civilization was made only possible because temperatures warmed and oceans released CO2.  Not because the ice melted, but because CO2 reached sufficient concentration to allow agriculture.  During the Ice Age, CO2 was so low, below 200 ppm, the level at which trees quit growing.  At some points CO2 got all the way down to 140 at which plants die.  These extreme low levels of CO2 drove mass extinctions and forced migrations.  Neanderthals were forced south and went extinct.  Nearly all the Pleistocene great cats went extinct.

Al Gore wants you to believe that CO2 levels are dangerously high and that we face a runaway warming crisis.   He is wrong because he has his causality wrong – temperature is driving CO2 and not the other way around.  As temperature drops the solubility of CO2 in sea water goes up and the atmospheric Carbon is absorbed and then used as food by coral reefs.

CO2 lags temperature by 800-2000 years but it is not apparent on long-term charts.  If you zoom in to Vostok CO2 levels as measured in ice cores you will see that CO2 lags temperature by 8oo years on the last peak.  Temperature is measured by a radioactive oxygen isotope but you get the picture about the claim that CO2 forces warming.  Carbon Dioxide doesn’t make the temperature go up because if it did all the snow on earth would be long gone and our children would not know snow.

CO2 is not driving Global Warming, that is a modern myth created by unscrupulous politicians like Al Gore.  Al Gore’s problem is that he is not scientifically trained and nor is he honest.  He is a politician and the political class gets political power through the use of the Big Lie.  The lie of CO2 forcing warming is a modern meme circulating in society, it is meme, it doesn’t have to be true but to most of the public it is true.  Elon Musk is a billionaire business man who is probably well-meaning but caught up in Al Gore’s runaway warming bs.

Elon Musk is not the only leader caught in the web of lies in politicized climate science.  The Pope is also a believer in runaway warming from CO2.  The Pope is also not a scientist and doesn’t understand the real physics of the role of CO2 in the atmosphere.  For instance, as CO2 concentration increases, the warming effect from CO2 molecules rapidly decreases as an inverse logarithmic function.  Post industrial CO2 levels above 280 ppm are having no warming effect because the warming effect is in the first 20 ppm.

The reason CO2 levels are historically low is from a cooling earth over the past 65 million years.  Since CO2 follows temperature, CO2 levels were driven lower and lower and during the last freeze CO2 got critically low.  As the earth entered the Ice Age period 2.5 million years ago CO2 levels went even lower until they got so low that plants stopped growing which led to the megafauna extinction crisis.  Without enough CO2 grass growth rates dropped and the herbivores starved then the predators starved and many species went extinct.

Humanity is deluded into thinking that industrial CO2 output is going to change the situation that we are in.  We are in an Ice Age and at the end of an interglacial.  Any time now temperatures could plunge by several degrees Celsius and this could lead to a real farming crisis – but this time around we artificially pumped the atmosphere with CO2 so that plants will keep growing but at lower latitudes.  So this so-called industrial “pollutant” of CO2 may save us, but many of us will be forced to move south.

Just to prove that CO2 alarmism is really politicking is how Methane is demonized.  CH4 (Methane/natural gas) is far more diffuse than CO2 and it is measured in parts per billion.  That is a magnitude lower than the trace gas Carbon Dioxide measured in parts per million.  Man made CH4 is 0.066% of the greenhouse effect – that’s so low that rounded off to the nearest decimal it’s 0.1% and not measurable.

Water is the primary greenhouse gas and the atmosphere can not be overpumped by H2O as it will condense, CO2 a distant second and Methane a miniscule third, so rare measured in parts per billion.  Methane is doing nothing because the concentration is so low.  Atmospheric molecules measure in parts per billion means that if you put a million or hundred million particles in the box, none would be methane!  Taxing cattle for CO2 or CH4 emissions is ludicrous.

So like CO2, Methane CH4 is being another natural gas being made into a problem by lying politicians who want to sell you carbon taxes.  Elon Musk wants to impose a carbon tax – which may be good for his solar tile business.   CH4 and CO2 are both trace gases and both have little effect on atmospheric thermodynamics but you wouldn’t know that from the bullshit on Jewtube.  The sad truth is that our society is making incorrect decisions based on false data that is being pushed on us by a mad, mad, political class.

Carbon Dioxide as a problem is a huge diversionary scam being created by the political class to enslave us.  They want world government paid by carbon taxes.  The problem for them is that their science is wrong, CO2 and CH4 are not warming gases as claimed.  Elon Musk also brings up the threat of global flooding from melting ice which is also not true.  Current ocean levels are already at interglacial levels.  In other words New York City going underwater is an impossibility because it was built after the glacial melt sea level rise.

The oceans went up 370 feet during the last warming phase that lasted 10,000 years from 18,000 to 8,000 years before present.  Yes Virginia, the flood took 10,000 years it inundated the previous glacial civilizations.  What is important to realize is that whatever was going to melt has already melted and oceans are not going to rise dramatically as claimed by the alarmists.  Our society is run by lunatics and economic predators and it is important that we make correct decisions on accurate data.  Global Warming is not the threat.  Lying politicians creating false memes are the threat.

For more information I’ve created two very easy to read and understand Global Warming books:

The Global Warming Hoax Book

Global Warming for Dummies Book

and don’t forget to read through my blog:

Global Freezing Your Ass Off

Al Gore’s Latest Spin

Unillumined stooge Al Gore is now demanding 15 trillion godzillion Jew bucks to fight climate change to further the globalist warming agenda of complete enslavement of the earth’s human population to billionaire elite.  Make no mistake in understanding the real politic here:  the billionaire industrial owners are distracting the public with the Climate Change or Global Warming memes while they continue to pollute and pillage the planet and enslaving you at the same time.

The truth is that Climate Change is political propaganda to keep you distracted while the planet suffers from specie dieoff, pesticides, herbicides, Texas size plastic flotillas, habitat encroachment and basically 7.5 billion hominids that are crowding the planet for the other 8.7 million species on planet earth.  As we live through the Sixth Great Extinction the evil Satanic elite keep you completely distracted with a false narrative of global warming/climate change which are not even environmental factors.

CLICK ON THIS LINK:  http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/

Global Warming is an elite produced scam to keep you confused about reality of environmental damage caused by them and their evil factories and capital ownership of everything.  Understand that the capital economic system of Jewish elites is a scam – the enslavement of you and all things by the process of fractional reserve banking and the monetization of stuff – including you and all the earth.  The earth has been fenced, paved, and debt time stamped – things like rocks and trees have been monetized so that wealthy can own Nature.  The only way to stop this destruction of Nature is to reject Abrahamism and round up all the supremacist Jews and burn their holy books.


There is no runaway global warming from excess CO2 as Mike Adams explicitly shows the deceit in this next video.  (These exact same ideas are posted repeatedly in this blog – just scroll down until you see the same charts – the media is creating the illusion that CO2 is high when it is near historic geologic lows.)  CO2 is not a pollutant as claimed by the EPA, it is a life gas that you can not live without.

Global Warming for Dummies Book

Carbon Dioxide can soar to 420 ppm then to 500 ppm or to 1,000 or 2,000 ppm and it will not warm the atmosphere because CO2 does NOT force warming.  As CO2 keeps increasing it will do nothing!  The absorption effect of CO2 is in the first 20 ppm and reduces by an inverse logarithmic.  This chart is common knowledge to the scientific community but unknown to the Globalist whores like Al Gore.

Water vapor is the prime heat collector – not the trace CO2 gas as claimed by Al Gore.  Al Gore is a spoiled frat boy son of senator who doesn’t understand that CO2 concentrations in the air are not forcing temperature variations.  Human caused CO2 global warming is only about 0.117%, so low as not to be measurable.  As the Ice Age progresses the temperature will drop just like it has before when an interglacial ends.

Increasing CO2 will slow as lower ocean temperatures start absorbing more and more CO2.  The increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere will save us from the typical conditions of extremely low CO2 concentrations during the last ice age where levels dropped down to 140 ppm and plants stopped growing.

Richard Feynman on the Global Warming Theory


The smartest guy since Einstein tells us how scientific process works:

“In general, we look for a new law by the following process: First we guess it; then we compute the consequences of the guess to see what would be implied if this law that we guessed is right; then we compare the result of the computation to nature, with experiment or experience, compare it directly with observation, to see if it works. If it disagrees with experiment, it is wrong. In that simple statement is the key to science. It does not make any difference how beautiful your guess is, it does not make any difference how smart you are, who made the guess, or what his name is — if it disagrees with experiment, it is wrong.”


Global Warming is not a valid theory because the data does not match theory that increased CO2 levels forces warming.  Those that keep asserting the failed Global Warming theory are not practicing science, they are acting more like religious zealots.  They do not care in the least that their computer models are dead wrong, they only care about keeping their religious beliefs alive.




global warming models don't match observations



The Upcoming Solar Cycles

globalist warming prediction fail - amerika jew infested

Carbon Dioxide, a trace gas in the atmosphere does not warm the planet.  The entire Global Warming by CO2 is an epic fail and the American people are starting to catch on they’ve been lied to by the Jewish controlled media.  The weather has nothing to do with a few molecules of airborne carbon, the planet’s weather is controlled by the sun, which is now entering a minimum output phase.

why is it so damn cold, no sun spots jewtube lied to you

Solar Cycle 24 is rapidly closing out, there are more and more spotless days.  Sunspots are associated with solar output, an active sun.


Svalgaard Discusses How He Forecasts Solar Cycle Activity–Cycle 25 Will Be Up Soon

Cycle 24 has been much less active than most of the experts expected. The count using the new numbering system for Cycle 24 peak Sunspots at the Solar Maximum is 117. On the other hand, Leif Svalgaard and his partners estimated about 70 (new system ca. 117) which turns out to be as good as it gets. Estimating what Solar Cycle 25 will look like is already underway with many expecting Cycle 25 to be less active that has been the case with Cycle 24.

Because Svalgaard had forecast that Cycle 24 would be much less active and the forecast came reasonably close to the actual number count, it makes me curious about how he did it and what is he is predicting about Cycle 25 now. Well, I have already given that away in my 22 March 2016 blog titled “Dr Svalgaard makes a preliminary prediction of Cycle 25 size.” He thinks it will be close to the size of Cycle 24 and prehaps a little bit bigger. Once again he seems to be the contrarian.

solar cycle 25 predictions

Solar Cycles, Sun Spots & Solar Flares

“Predictions for our next Solar Cycle #25 (starting in 2020, peaking in 2025) and why it is expected to be even smaller than our current cycle (2013 peak), which is the smallest since 1906. Cycle #26 (2030-2040) is predicted to be negligible.

The current transition from Solar Maxima into Solar Minima, propelling us into a period of Global Cooling, which is expected to produce a Mini Ice Age.”


David Archibald: Solar Cycle 25 Amplitude Prediction

“A monthly smoothed maximum sunspot number of 62 is derived for Solar Cycle 25. This would probably be around 2025. This is almost down to Dalton Minimum levels.”

global freezing our asses off

According to the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS):

“A new model of the Sun’s solar cycle is producing unprecedentedly accurate predictions of irregularities within the Sun’s 11-year heartbeat. The model draws on dynamo effects in two layers of the Sun, one close to the surface and one deep within its convection zone. Predictions from the model suggest that solar activity will fall by 60 per cent during the 2030s to conditions last seen during the ‘mini ice age’ that began in 1645.”


Piers Corbyn  (WeatherAction)

“We are now in a decline of solar activity and are on course for a very quiet period … we expect the next mini ice age.”