Climate Change is the New Jew Religion

is climate change a jew scam

Climate Change is the new Jewish religion based on the template of the Bible story. You are being told by the Jewish owned media that Global Warming/Climate Change/Climate Disruption is imminent (just like the Jesus return myth); that you must repent and stop using fossil fuels/electricity (just like sin) or face an unlivable hotter earth caused by CO2 forced runaway warming (just like hell).

earth is hell under mythological control

Are we at the end of the debt cycle and are the Jew bankers in desperate need of a new scam to prop up their dead horse of ever expanding credit that has reached saturation point?  Yes, these desperate Torah weilding Talmudic desperados, who view us as cattle and as figures on a balance sheet, are in desperate need of new taxes to prop up their failed slave system.   Their banking marble game is coming up short, they need to demonize us, make us feel guilty for breathing just like the Church did with their guilt tripping, condemning us with original sin for being born.


The meme of Climate Change is meaningless in itself because the climate is always changing with or without human factors.  The reason why the media changed the Global Warming meme was because the warming predictions didn’t pan out, but they had invested billions of media dollars brainwashing the public, so they changed the label to Climate Change and now they’ve re-branded it again and they are calling it Climate Disruption!

climate disruption the new meme

It should be obvious to even the dumbest of the dumbest that something is going terribly wrong with the global warming by CO2 theory, most of the United States is in a deathly freeze even as CO2 levels blasted through the 400 ppm without any negative side effects except exceptional plant growth.

jews are stupid controllers they should tax for using co2

Even with the massive greenhouse gas output that failed to warm (as if warming is a negative in an Ice Age!), a few scientists have noted the greening of planet earth from the slight rise of CO2 over the past century.  As it turns out, the flora of earth was in starvation conditions and the 100 ppm increase gave plants a new breath of life.  Satellite surveys now show a 17% increase of greenery on Gaia.  Earth is greening from CO2, the Jew was wrong and stupid, the tax obsessed Jewish controllers should be charging growers for CO2 since it is just like fertilizer that increases plant yields.


In this excellent video, which is worth watching, the author explains the Climate Change scam perfectly.

Global Warming is Catholic Religion (In Disguise) – Climate Change SCAM, HOAX!

In this next cartoon video, the Global Warming by CO2 and CH4 (Methane) warming gas hoax explained:

You can’t make this stuff up.  The chosen ones are completely wrong about CO2.  They got the life gas Carbon Dioxide exactly wrong, which is not surprising since the Jew frequency is the exact opposite of the truth frequency.  The strategy of demonizing CO2 has backfired and now the Jew is even more desperate and may start WW3 to keep his power.


Everything the Jew does is destructive, they worship an evil god and do evil things to everyone outside of their tribe because they have this exclusive psychology, they think god chose them and then gave themselves permission to rule over all others.  The results of the Jew controlled world are on the front page of the news: endless war, disease, and suffering.  The state run by Jews is insane, listing CO2 as a pollutant when it is a life gas.  They even made a religion out of demonizing our breath.



Global Warming Delusions of Godly Grandeur at the End of an Age


Now that the Global Warming scare has been exposed, it is very telling of where we are on the Holocene warming blip curve – we are finishing out the modern warming cycle of a much larger downtrend cycle that will take earth temperatures lower than the Little Ice Age and Maunder Minimum.  Global Warming was a mass delusion of half insane bipedal Apes caught up in their own grandeur of overimportance, no different than the erroneous belief in the earth-centric  solar system centuries ago.

global warming delusion at the end of the Holocene

Is the global warming scare the greatest delusion in history?

The scare over man-made global warming is not only the scientific scandal of our generation, but a suicidal flight from reality.

To grasp the almost suicidal state of unreality our Government has been driven into by the obsession with global warming, it is necessary to put together the two sides to an overall picture – each vividly highlighted by events of recent days.On one hand there is the utterly lamentable state of the science which underpins it all, illuminated yet again by “Climategate 2.0”, the latest release of emails between the leading scientists who for years have been at the heart of the warming scare (which I return to below). On the other hand, we see the damage done by the political consequences of this scare, which will directly impinge, in various ways, on all our lives.

al gore politician doesn't know hjack shit about co2 bvs. temp causality

Led by Senator Al Gore, the world was fooled by politicians seeking to enrich themselves by creating a hobgoblin out of CO2 emissions.  Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide is in equilibrium with the huge liquid ocean sink directly below the atmosphere, CO2 levels in the air move up and down with ocean temperatures, CO2 doesn’t force warming, it is following water temps, an insignificant trace gas following long term deep ocean temperature trends.

co2 causality not established chart

Ice cores contain a yearly atmospheric record and clearly depict CO2 following temperature with a 800 – 2000 year lag.  CO2 is a trace gas and not significantly affecting earth thermodynamics, you can not “feel” heating from CO2 increases, but you can notice changes in humidity.  Water vapor is 96% of the greenhouse effect that is noticeable but ignored in global warming “science”.


Carbon Dioxide is so low in concentration as to have no measurable effect.  You can not measure how CO2 is warming the atmosphere because it is a trace gas diminished by the rest of the atmosphere.  Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Water Vapor dominate the heating of earth’s air, not Carbon Dioxide.  Anthropocentric heating is about 3% of 3%, meaning that if you calculate the 1-3% human caused CO2 by the overall greenhouse heating, humans are only contributing 0.117% which can be rounded off to zero.  ZERO CAN NOT FORCE RUNAWAY WARMING.

co2 is a trace gas and human generated co2 is insignificant

Furthermore, CO2 additions can not force runaway warming because CO2 capture of solar emissions is an inverse logarithmic function, each addition of CO2 diminishes exponentially.  Nearly all of the CO2 heating effect occurs in the first 100 ppm, that is the capture of sunlight photons by CO2 double bonds diminishes rapidly with CO2 concentrations above the first 20 ppm (see chart below).  Thus, human forced CO2 can NOT stop an new Ice Age – even if CO2 was forced from the current 400 ppm to over 1,000 ppm, the heating effect will be insignificant!

dunce al gore got co2 wrong

Don’t be fooled by lying politicians like Al Gore, he made 200 million dollars since he lost the Presidency, having cashed in on one of mankind’s greatest delusions, Al Gore sold us out on the way to riches.  The Holocene is waning, every temperature blip has a high lower than previous – each warm period humans name themselves gods at the peak of the cycle.  When the Roman Warm Period ended the empire collapsed and was followed by the Dark Ages.

Just a mere 2,000 years ago, during the Roman warming blip, nearly everyone ran around nude.  At no point in the current warming trend did we ever defeat the anti-flesh Judeo-Christian memeplex that covered us up after Rome collapsed.  The reason was because the current warming was far less in the modern maximum than the previous warming blips, the Holocene temperatures are folding over and we are about to plunge into a new Dark Ice Age.




Did Low CO2 Levels Cause Megafauna Extinctions?



Carbon Dioxide has been steadily falling for the past 60 million years, during the last 2 million years, during the glacial periods, CO2 has been so low that it could have driven the Pleistocene megafauna extinctions, when CO2 descends to the critical level of 200 ppm, plants stop growing, at 140 ppm plants die. In the last Ice Age, agriculture was impossible not just because it was so cold and dry, but because CO2 levels were so low that they stayed below 200 ppm for tens of thousands of years.  Only during the Holocene, when CO2 shot up from warming ocean water temps did men start to farm.


The concern of runaway global warming is a grand delusion of scientists chasing grant money doled out from supremacist Talmudic Globalist Jewish banksters eager to establish world government funded by carbon taxes.  CO2 doesn’t warm the atmosphere as claimed, it is of minor effect, the real concern should be food supply and population management as Ice Age conditions render farming impossible in northern climes and force human mass migrations.  Hola Amigos.


New data points to sudden change to ice age conditions, the first early signs of a little ice age, besides a measurable temperature drop, is crop failures.  Those areas in short growing seasons will be the canary in the coal mine.  NASA will collect mass amounts of data on the next one and then we will have a record of exactly how one starts.  Many are saying that we are already in a new little Ice Age.

extended ice age cold creates megafauna survival crisis

All of modern civilization was made only possible because temperatures warmed and oceans released CO2.  Not because the ice melted, but because CO2 reached sufficient concentration to allow agriculture.  During the Ice Age, CO2 was so low, below 200 ppm, the level at which trees quit growing.  At some points CO2 got all the way down to 140 at which plants die.  These extreme low levels of CO2 could have driven mass extinctions and forced migrations.

co2 critical levels for plant growth

The next chart adapted from NoTricksZone illustrates the extreme low CO2 levels:

400 ppm co2 levels are very low

From a historical perspective, an atmospheric CO2 concentration of 400 ppm is actually almost scraping the bottom of the barrel. Over the Earth’s history, atmospheric CO2 concentrations have ranged from 180 ppm to 7000 ppm, … On that scale we are in fact today barely above the Earth’s record lows.

As the Pleistocene progressed, CO2 levels fell and dust storms dominated the age of ice.  You could not farm in North America 20,000 years ago because CO2 was much to low for plant grow, so low that trees probably were dying out.  The bread baskets of the world were barren wastelands.


The earth is locked in an ice age era and CO2 levels have been driven lower and lower by the extended period of cold.  Cold water absorbs CO2, the earth’s oceans act as a giant CO2 sink, scrubbing the atmosphere of CO2 to the point of plant and animal die offs.  The current CO2 hysteria is not grounded by reality, plentiful atmospheric CO2 is necessary for human survival.


In the next chart, specially prepared from an article posted on Watts Up With That, I flipped the chart so that you can see that as the Pleistocene progressed, as the temperatures stayed low, CO2 was sequestered from the atmosphere and back into ocean solution, rendering the atmospheric CO2 levels at critical levels, plants and animals died out.  The Neanderthal extinction may have been driven by low CO2 levels, so low that whole forests died, plants were in a coma period, barely surviving.  As a result, hominid species competed for dwindling food by migrating to food remaining areas.

Ice Age Survival – Threading The Genetic and Behavioral Bottleneck

co2 dust neanderthal extinction chart

All the hoopla directed toward Global Warming was wasted energy, caused by insane bipedal hominids with delusions of godly grandeur during a temporary warm period.  The Caesars named themselves gods during the Roman Warm Period, and the current insanity by Jews claiming divinity during the modern warm blip.  The Jewish driven global warming meme was the same damn anthropocentric delusion caused by runaway ego, the self chosen godly Jews claimed humans were changing the climate – but this was only a temporary egocentric belief caused by a warming blip.


The Late Pleistocene extinction event saw the extinction of many mammals weighing more than 40 kg.

  • In North America around 45 of 61 genera of large mammals became extinct.
  • In South America 58 of 71
  • In Australia 17 of 18
  • In Europe 21 of 37
  • In Asia 24 of 46
  • In Subsaharan Africa only 8 of 50


Were the megafauna extinctions driven by loss of habitat from critical CO2 levels?  The generally accepted thesis that human over hunting caused worldwide Pleistocene extinctions might only be partially correct, humans were forced to migrate and hunt because plants wouldn’t grow.  As soon as temperatures recovered, CO2 went up and humans went back to farming.


I think it is doubtful that sparsely populated nomadic clans hunted megafauna to extinction.  There could be another explanation, that the earth was CO2 starved and plants were dying out from exceptionally low Carbon Dioxide levels.  Genocide is a mental instability of Abrahamic indoctrinated anti-nature supremacists, the natives around the world had no such language or practice of genocide, in fact all the aborigines around the world were quite in balance with animal populations until those infected with Bible memes showed up.  Human caused megafauna extinction appears to me to be a prejudice of the Judeo-Christian genocidal culture.

pleistocene_park BEING RE-ESTABLISHED

Global Freezing Your Ass Off 2017


(Note:  this is a chapter in my new free eBook “Global Warming for Dummies”)

We are in an Ice Age, we are in a very temporary interglacial period, the earth is locked in a many million years old period of global cooling and Carbon Dioxide doesn’t warm the atmosphere as claimed.  All this talk about Global Warming is total fiction, it is a form of cultural insanity, the last post El Nino data coming in shows a new plunge in global temperatures.  The Sun is powering down, we could easily be starting a mini Ice Age right now!


The real threat is Global Freezing, the earth is already thousands of years overdue for a new Ice Age.  Global Warming hysteria could very well have been probably the last warming before the plunge into a new Ice Age.  We are 10,000 years into the interglacial, the Holocene could be ending, and when it eventually ends, the global temps could drop like a rock.  All we need for confirmation is a new low in global temps below the Little Ice Age cyclical low.


The world is plunging into a new mini ice age while the fools in the District of Criminals try to sell us the Global Warming or as now as they call it – “climate change” and push their global carbon tax scheme.  There is no global warming, there has always been climate change and now we are sliding into a grand solar minimum where sunspots all but disappear and the sun goes relatively cold. Ice is on the way, this summer will be short, and another brutal winter will descend upon us early. Welcome to reality, the new age of ice is on the way.  Global Warming is a total and epic fail.


At no point in history has the world been this delusional, except maybe in the age of faith where women were burned as witches.  The IPCC has been caught cherry picking the data, the hockey stick temperature spike exposed as fraud, Al Gore exposed as a damn liar.  Global Warming is more than just a hoax and a crime, it is the collapse of scientific methodlogy as media and money grubbing whores say anything for their hidden master’s agenda.


In this essay I will present overwhelming evidence and graphics about what is really going on, those parroting the global warming meme do not understand the real science behind global temperature changes, temperature is not going up, ice cap area is not decreasing, CO2 is not causing warming, man made CO2 is not a factor.  We are at the end of the Holocene and the Sun has changed!

The CO2 Myth

The main premise of Anthropocentric Global Warming that atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) forces temperature is patently and easily shown to be false.   Why this myth persists is because the Jew owned media repeats the lie over and over, CO2 as a driver to warming is pure propaganda.  CO2 is just like the Holocaust, both are huge media generated hoaxes, they even demonize Global Warming skeptics of being like Holocaust deniers.


The earth has trillions of tons of CO2 dissolved in sea water and even more absorbed in rocks, the amount in the sky is miniscule and changes when the temperature of sea water changes.  Cold water dissolves more gas than warm water, so just as a can of soda pop on a hot summer day, that loses its fizz when opened, CO2 in seawater comes out of solution and increases the concentration of atmospheric CO2.  Temperature drives CO2 concentrations historically, CO2 is NOT causal, and during ancient earth epochs CO2 was usually around 3,000 ppm.


CO2 only responds to temperature changes.  Once you fully grasp that CO2 is trace gas and man made CO2 a tiny 1-3% of that, then you might wonder why all the hoopla about CO2.  Man made global warming gases are about a tenth of one percent, so small as to be negligible and unmeasurable.


Then we have the outright fraud of not including the primary warming gas of water vapor in television discussions on the Jewtube.  Water is 96% and not even mentioned.  Who lies like this?  Jews.  That is all they do is lie, lie, and lie.  The Jew and the lie are one in the same!  Everything on the tube is a Jew lie,.and global warming is just one of the many Jew lies being used to brainwash the public.


The big CO2 scare is about pushing the agenda of global governance and a carbon tax, it is not about real science, in fact real science has been pushed aside and made into a mockery.  The so-called New World Order, the drive for a one world government run and owned by Jews is a criminal scheme of Talmudic dominance, and their primary means of enslavement is by selling the Big Lie, telling whooping ass lies and then basing public policy on these media lies.

(Note:  click on graphics to see larger and more detailed version)


Recent examples are the Sandy Hook Hoax, the Boston Bombing Hoax, the 911 Trade Tower Hoax, the Holocaust Hoax, the Bay of Tonkin attack Hoax.  Jews are liars, they always lie.  They lie, lie, lie and even take a Kol Nidre Oath at the beginning of the year promising to lie to the goyim.  If you believe anything being promoted by the main stream media then you are a damn fool.  The networks are owned by Supremacist Jews promoting their criminal profit making agendas.  Lying is what they do, that is all they do.


Global Warming Truth is a Lie


Truth is a funny thing, there is absolutely no truth within the Global Warming memeset, it is based only on lies and demand for world government.  Global Warming is a religion, it must be viewed as a religion by the skeptics, because it is all based on bias, conjecture, opinion and the need for money.  Money drives the Global Warming hysteria, it is a modern popular delusion, it is the madness of the crowd, the earth is on the edge of a new Ice Age, runaway heating is not in the cards.


There is no Global Warming, Carbon Dioxide does not cause warming, it only follows global temperature trends, the science of anthropocentric (human caused) is all based on fantasy brought to life by the insane liars in the main stream media.  Truth doesn’t exist at CNN or Fox News, they tell the lies of state or whoever has the greatest influence on state.

“Anyone who stands in the way of Truth, at any level;

and does not actively propagate the Truth they know and resist this tyranny at some level,

is helping to create death, destruction and suffering.

Therefore they are on the side of darkness and a traitor to humanity.”

– Digger for Truth


There has been a major discovery in psychology last year, all of us tell lies but very few of us tell really big lies.  We all lie and we all have secrets, but we would be shocked if someone told us a really huge lie.  As is turns out, lying is not just common, it is universal in the human genus.  The information in a persons head is mostly from outside of the self, and since everyone is lying all of the time most people have total bullshit running around in their brains.  In other words a typical bipedal human Ape has absolutely no clue about reality, their world view is all based on other peoples delusional opinions and this is especially true for highly emotional topics like religion and politics.


Can You Handle the Truth?  Probably Not.

Can I tell you the truth about the Jews?  Can you hear it when it involves you?  Or would you like to play a game of truth, where I lie to you, I tell you it’s anything but the Jews fault, thus protecting your inner truths(installed programs) that you hold dear?  So which internet writer are you going to listen to?  The truth liar or the truth teller?  Well dear reader, truth telling is this funny thing because most can’t hear it but I hope you will open your mind and stick with the unveiling and read on.

The truth is a very funny thing.  So many are unable to tell it because inside of themselves they are protecting some sacred cow, some thing they latched onto at some point in their life and it is a matter of life and death of their very being to protect some meme.  There is a reason why there is resistance to change, one builds their internal guidance based on what they know and to challenge a primary meme in the memebase is to undercut their very foundation of self identity.

What if I told you all the news is controlled by Jews, that Jews are pathological liars, that they have lied to you about everything, about the Federal Reserve, about God, about Jesus, about American freedom, about Global Warming?  What if I told you that CO2 is a not a causal agent in the warming or cooling cycle of earth history?  What if I told you that CO2 can not stop a new Ice Age?  What if I told you Global Warming was 100% pure Jew bullshit?


What if I told you Jesus was not real?  This is just like when you were a kid and found out Santa wasn’t real.”What do you mean Santa’s not real, who’s going to give me presents”?  Finding out Jesus is not real might be a life threatening event, you might even pass out, feint from information overload to your brain operating system.  Your brain might go into a lockup like your computer.  Well, Global Warming religion is the same as Jesus, it is an unproved belief, and finding out it isn’t true could be a shock to your emotional core.

For most people they protect their religion because it is life threatening not to.  You can bash other religions, but you better not bash their religion.  The Jews are this way, they will bash Christians and Muslims, even calling for the nuking of Muslim nations, but are deeply offended to suggest the same for them.  Tell any Jew you’d like to see Israel glassed over, they will wince and whine and call you an anti-Semite, but they are perfectly fine if the New York Times article calls for the nuclear bombing of Tehran.


Very, very few people can make it mentally to an absolute understanding about the real problem we are facing, it’s not just the Zionists, or just the Jews, it is their very core beliefs that they base their reality.  Judaism is the central problem, the very teachings in the Bible are the destructive code bringing the world to it’s knees.  Zionism is a big problem, but it is only the second order expression of the Judaic religion.  Judaism came first, Zionism followed, the political expression of how the Jews think and behave comes out of their supremacist religion.

But most people can’t handle the truth thing about the Jews because they have an emotional investment in the Bible.  If Judaism is wrong then that threatens Christianity, because it was derived from Judaism. The two religions are inextricably linked together like Siamese twins.  Why is this important about the lies of Global Warming?  Because if you understand how and why the Jew lies about religion and their supremacy, then you can understand the driving force behind the Global Warming/Climate Change agenda.


The whole truth, and nothing but the truth, is foreign to most people who are operating in some sort of denial.  Truth doesn’t sell –  lies do, and every politician knows that.   Most people operate in agreement with their ego attachments, they always have something they are trying to protect or promote while defaming that which they do not agree.  Most people are protecting their internal mind architecture as a survival trait.

The Jews are a tribe, and they are a supremacy cult – they believe god choose them.  They believe their own lies, Jews live inside of their own lies, most of them do not even know this!  It is impossible to under the Climate Change hoax if you don’t understand how Jews operate.  All they do is lie and they own the media, so nothing you hear on the Jewtube is truthful in any way.  Everything in the mass media is intended to decieve.


Bible is a Template for a Mind Control Technique

Americans are mostly Christian and can not think outside of the Christian box.  Many are waking up, becoming ‘Jew wise’, but maintain their attachment to Christianity and the Bible.  They can not see that Christianity is a Jewish religion, they can not see that any attachment to Jewishness or Jewish books invalidates them, they are stuck in belief, fear bound to protect their faith.


The Bible is the premiere mind control document, it turns off your mind making you a pliable slave and at the same time connects your heart to the myth.  People love the Bible stories and have no idea what is happening to them when they take the belief literal.  The Christmas nativity scene hooks your heart to the rendering beauty of an infant born in a manger to a loving mother and dedicated father.  Most of us connect with the infant Jesus at a heart level, it makes us feel safe and warm.  God is born unto this world and we feel safe, god came to save us.

As wonderful as it seems, unfortunately it is not true.  God did not come to save us, he was not born into this world, he is not coming back to make things right.  The Bible is the mythos of our culture and it is hard to view it as myth while believing it real.  We are being hooked at an emotional level because someone has an agenda.  So now we can discover the hook being used to control us. We are emotional attached to the Bible at the heart level and our brain disabled to critical thinking.

The Bible is doing two thing to mind control us:

1.  It is turning off your brain by requiring blind belief.

2.  It is emotional attaching the human energy field to the god concept making you dependent on the Jew.

The result is catastrophic, the Bible has turned peoples minds into mush, and they can’t think their way out of the box the Jew has placed them.  Global Warming is part of this problem, because it is modern myth that is patently absurd but state policy is being formulated around it if it was real.  Obama is shutting down coal fired electrical plants as if runaway warming was a real threat.


This Bible may be the original template for mind control that governments and advertisers study to advance their own.  The Bible changes the believer at a core levels. There is an agenda behind it, nearly every hotel room has a copy because those at the top of the pyramid want you to believe.  Why?  Because brainwashed sheep is profitable for the state sponsored Jew thiefs.

The Bible is the great deception behind which the Jews hide, with the Bible you will never know that the camouflaged Jew next to you is part of a great mind deception.  The Jew is gaining divinity status in relation to you when you believe.  God help those who do not believe in the Jews as the chosen ones, bombs will rain down until they do.  The Jew can not afford to have anyone not believing for they made find out there is only a man behind the curtain.


How the Jew Thieves

Theft is big business when you steal at the national level.  When the government passes out grants you can bet the Jews are lining up to get as much as they can.   The Jew thinks nothing of stealing the wealth of an entire nation, that is why the Federal Reserve was created, to rob industrial America blind, and that it did.  Where is America’s gold?  Where are the manufacturing jobs?  Where is the value of the currency?  Where is the moral fiber, the thrift, the hard work ethic and quality of craftsmanship that Americans are known for?  Gone.  Gone with the wind because the Jew has robbed America blind.

The Jews use this passive aggressive technique in order to thieve and defame.  First they rob you blind then they blame you for the crime.  They pull Sandy Hook and accuse you of your gun ownership.  The rob Pharaoh of all Egypt’s gold and blame him for pursuing them when they flee Egypt.  They invent the Holocaust story long after WW2 and then defame Hitler and Germany for their crime of instigating the war and firebombing Germans.   Don’t forget, Jesus died for your sins.  The Jews are playing mind games, feigning victimhood while being the aggressors.  As they rob you, you – the victim, are made the guilty party but you can’t see them because they are perfectly camouflaged behind the Bible.


A few very bright minds do escape the Bible mind matrix, and they see the Jew clearly, for example these quotes of chess champion Bobby Fisher (


“The United States is supposed to be a government of laws, not people. But that’s a lot of shit. The United States is totally controlled by dirty Jews. And these are ruthless, lawless, criminal people. They’ve been mutilating their kids for thousands of years, cutting off a piece of their penis. That’s illegal too, but that never stopped the dirty Jews.”

“Jews hate nature and the natural order, because it’s pure and beautiful, and also because it’s bigger and stronger than they are, and they feel that they can not fully control it. Nature’s beauty and harmony stands in stark contrast to their squalidness and ugliness, and that makes them hate it all the more. Jews are destroyers. They are anti-humans”

Another great mind, Eustace Mullins, describes the Jew as a ‘biological parasite”:

mullins“One of the specialized modifications of the Jew is his ability to suck the blood of the gentile host without alarming his victim, weakening it without being discovered, through the highly sophisticated and refined instruments and techniques which the Jew has developed over a period of centuries for these specific purposes, and which have no counterpart in any other species. In view of these techniques, need we be surprised that some of the gentiles who have been most weakened by the blood-lettings of the Jew are among his most vociferous defenders, and who will fight to the death to protect their Jewish “benefactors.”  They are totally unable to recognize their danger, or the insidious nature of the parasitic attack.”

In the Bible we have the Jew’s supposed history, but it is being proved false by dedicated forensic scientists and scholars.  Now we know why.  The Jews are lying, they are always lying, they are using their lying techniques as a weapon.  The Jews are unchanging, civilizations come and go but the eternal Jew does not change.  He has perfected how to lie and how to get away with it, his books are the program code for his way.  And since we all lie, we should hold that skill with reverence.  Wow!  The Jew is the perfect liar.  Maybe that is the real reason so many people actually hold the Jew as a reverent divine being.


Take a recent example, 911.  They did it and they are saying someone else did it.  What does this mean we must do?  Not trust anything they said recently or in the past, like their history.  Where is the Jew’s history recorded?  In their holy book and doesn’t the Bible say not to trust liars?  Whoa Noah!  The Bible is a propaganda document, there are many truths and some lies.  And those lies change everything.  But everyone trusts the Bible like it’s the word of God.  Why?  Emotional hooking.

The truth about global warming are only the words about global warming.  Global Warming is a new myth, a cargo cult, it is only true as a theory in your mind;  it is just like the god of the Bible, an unproven unseen idea that lives in your brain as a memetic parasite, worming around making you all confused about being guilty for being born.  Just as God cast your ancestors Adam and Eve out of the Garden for “sinning” so shall you be cast out of your carbon spewing road hog V-8 gas guzzler for sinning against the environment!   Global Warming is a Jew con game of making you feel guilty for being born and exhaling CO2, you are being made a sinner for breathing.


This invisible god of the Bible are the words in the Bible, that is why you are not supposed to worship idols or ‘graven’ images.  All the other God’s had form, but not Jehovah.  The image of the Bible god can not be known, no one has ever seen the face of this god?  Why?  Because this invisible god isn’t like the other gods, he is the upgraded 2.0 version, he is the God of words only.  That is why you must study the Bible to find god.  God is unveiled in your mind when you study the Bible, not the real God but the Jewish destroyer god.  It is important to understand that YHWH is not a creator god, he is the vengeful destroyer, he is the wishful thinking of the Bible writers.  But you think YHWH is the creator god?  Why?  Because the Jew liar wrote the Bible.

Jehovah or Yahweh has never had a bust made of his image, because he is only  the words, sentences, memes, the concept of god in the book.  The Bible God is the Jewish concept of reality, destroy and steal, leave everything in ruin, take the money and run.  They’ve done it all through their history just as they are doing to America now.  The eternal Jew does not change.


I sincerely believe that Christianity has run its course and being faithful is now detrimental to the survival of the specie.  We must wake up and transcend myth.  We must end the trance on our minds.  We must overcome childish views on god and afterlife in order to overcome the Jewish viewpoint of reality.  How can you overcome the Jew when you believe in the Jewish version of reality?  Do you actually think that some God cares what you do?  The chosen ones certainly don’t act like they believe in their God, perhaps they know it’s not true and are taking advantage of your naivete.

If there really was a just God then how do you explain the Jew?  He murders, rape, thieves and gets very, very wealthy doing so and now he is getting ready to end the lives of all non Jews in another Bolshevik style purge.  How does he do this and get away with it?  God.  He says he represents God and you believe him.  Justice is never served because of the myth.  Wait a minute the Christian says.  Jesus is coming back any day now to make thing right.  But he never shows. Why?  Why hasn’t Jesus come back yet?  Because, the Christian reasons, things aren’t bad enough yet.  LOL


So where is Jesus?  Is he long gone, AWOL, didn’t make it because he ‘took the last train to the coast‘ as the song suggests?  Nope.  He was never there, that’s the deception folks, he was never there, and while you were waiting for justice the Jew raped and pillaged your society.  Jesus can not come back and save you because he is the fiction they invented so they could live in riches while you toiled in poverty.

As you slaved away they told you were piling up riches in heaven as the Jew robbed you blind.  You do the work and they get the reward, that is the game being played, Jesus Christ is a fable as one honest pope (Leo X) told us, but no one listened, because no one wants to hear the truth.  Truthful people will realize Global Warming is a lie, but they are a minority because most are comfortable in the lie.


Insane Canadian Government War on Woodstoves

canada deep freeze 1-14-2016


Off-Gridders Threatened: Get Rid Of Your Wood Stove Or Face Thousands Of Dollars In Fines

“Montreal residents that burn wood for heat must register their stoves and by October 2018, must replace them with newer models or face thousands of dollars in fines.

The registration is part of an effort to ban most wood-burnings heaters in Canada’s second largest city.”


What is the basis of this fascist agenda against burning wood?  Isn’t Canada freezing cold and covered with trees in a sparsely populated land?  California (38.8 million) has more people than all of Canada (35.2 million) and allows wood stoves, so what gives in the land up north that has an 25 times the land area ?


Evil Zionist Jews and their minions can’t stand free people who supply their own energy.  Jews hate freedom and Canada has become batshit insane from Jewish control.  Just one forest fire puts out more heat and smoke than all the wood stoves burning in an entire year!  The claim that wood stoves are environmentally dangerous is BULLSHIT!

A typical Canadian forest fire puts out much more heat and smoke than all the woodstoves in a year

It doesn’t matter if you slowly rot wood over a hundred years or burn it within an hour, the laws of conservation of energy of matter say that the products of combustion are exactly the same molecules and the exactly same heat release.  Slow or fast combustion of cellulose yields identical results down to the molecule.

combustion of wood yields the same energy as rotting

That’s right folks, burning wood doesn’t add any additional heat to the environment and burning a few logs in a wood stove doesn’t heat the atmosphere and cause global warming, wood is stored solar energy that rots all the time or burns up in forest fires – whatever humans with wood is doing doesn’t matter at all.


But the greedy Jew doesn’t like your freedom, he must demonize your existence so he creates bullshit stories of Eve eating an apple and bringing sin into the world and when that story stops working he tells you that burning wood is bad for the environment.  That is completely impossible – trees are stored solar energy, burning them to keep warm is not going to change the planet thermodynamics.


The anti-wood stove agenda is not about the environment or saving the planet – it is about control – the Jew wants to control you and make you a slave – he does this based on his religious text.  The Jew is waging an all out war on your very being and right to exist.  You should listen to Yukon and not the Jew, you should join me in my crusade in destroying the Jew forever and removing them from this planet.

Really, the Jew not only wants you to freeze to death on a cold and snowy planet, but what the Jew wants your total surrender and to own your very soul.  The solution to the Global Warming problem is the elimination of the source of Global Bullshitting problem – the Jew.  Burning wood is not a problem – the Jew is the problem.


Bitter Cold and Snow is Engulfing the North American Continent and UK


Global Warming is a 100% hoax – there is no evidence of this “theory”.  The claim that our children would not know snow is a wild eyed projection of government funded theorists high on Fed crack money.  It is bitter cold across much of the United States and the snow is piling up.  NO GLOBAL WARMING at all because it was a big fat Jew lie.

jewish deception for global hegemony driving global-warming-conspiracy

The evidence of cold is right in front of your eyes.  Middle of November is getting January temps and snow.

bitter cold engulfing the usa november 20th 2015

snow cover ussa 20 nov 2015

This winter will end the Global Warming delusion – the last remainders of the American people who haven’t caught on that the mainstream news is total bullshit will realize in their frozen consciousness that the government lies about everything.  A deep dark depression about this government is slowly sinking in.   We are rule by lying psychopaths and we are in trouble.


The President is shutting down coal fired electrical plants based on a hoax.  This is deadly.  This WILL result in people dying as the mini-ice age sets in.  Think people think. The reason reality doesn’t match the propaganda is because Nature doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the bullshit theories of the Jewish liars.

people freeze to death while billions spent on global warming hoax

Over 2 billion dollars have been wasted trying to prove a theory that can never be proved for the simple fact CO2 is not causal.  Jews think they can write a computer model and force warming.  The Jew is loony.  No amount of money can be spent to “prove” warming by CO2 because there is no link between the two.

epic fail of global warming computer model predictions

In the meantime, the fake President Obama is a dangerous deception, he is an imposter working for someone else.  He is signing executive orders to end your life based on a flawed theory.  He should be immediately arrested and removed from office before he destroys us and all the laws he signed should be revoked upon removal from office.